There is no need for everyone in the fix.

Thank you, there are many finished cars on fixie bikes these days.
In general, most people buy this finished car if they buy a bicycle.

But in the past, there were few finished cars.
There were few people riding, and the image was not good.
So I think the manufacturer did not put much effort.

The only way to get on the fixer was to assemble the custom -made parts from Ichi.
I think this "rose perfect" is packed with the charm of the fix.

"Rose perfect" is a method of selecting all parts from the frame and assembling it.
Unlike finished cars that are assembled from the beginning, you can finish your favorite looks and riding comfort.

Honestly, the time to worry about these parts is so much fun.
While I was looking for various parts that it was not, it was not a good idea, but I became familiar with it even though it was before delivery.

Moreover, there is a romantic because I can ride a bicycle assembled in my hobby.
Boys should be interesting and inevitable.

The piste bike assembled in that way is better than the completed car.
In many ways, it is one that can be used for a long time.

The rose is not the same one.
This is because the owner's identity is reflected richly.
So the old piste is so ugly and has no cohesion and is attractive.

I think that the reason why the culture of the fist is not grasped somewhere is because such a strong personality was packed back.
The fix is ​​not universal, and it is not interesting if you do everyone.

"Pist for Japanese culture"

This is the corporate philosophy of Brotures, but I do not want to dilute the fabric culture.
I don't want anyone to make a normal bicycle that can easily get tired of it.

Certainly, roses are high in various hurdles.
We are to make the burden on the customer can be a little lighter.
In terms of knowledge and technology, there are some bike loans with a mechanic, but in terms of financial aspects.

This brand is recommended if you want to make a fixie with a rose.

Tyrant bikes

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DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Frame Set

DOSNOVENTA Detroit Frame Set




Affinity Lo Pro Frame Set 2021 "Mutant Blue"

The person who chooses a fixie is a little different from everyone. I feel that many people are a little twisted.
It's also a sense of you that you chose a niche pist from a bicycle overflowing in the world, and it depends on you what kind of bike you choose from there.
If you have a sense of choosing your own "like", it's really a waste to use a completed car.

If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.
If you can use this motorcycle order, you can consult smoothly online.
Please use all means.


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