I really like this gap.

This bike has custom carbon wheels called SHRED88.

This is a particularly popular item at BROTURES.

It has an easy-to-understand, impactful look and a lightweight feel that is not proportional to the area.

It tends to be customized with thick aluminum frames such as LEADER®︎. That's so cool!

However, it is also good to match it with a slender steel bike and enjoy the gap between it and the frame.

For example, like this custom bike.

LoCal Bikes Metro SHRED88 Custom Bike

Coupled with the simple frame, the wheels have a great presence.

Moreover, it is a car that you can enjoy not only the appearance but also the ride comfort.

A slender steel bike is made of steel, so the material is iron.

That's why it's heavier than a bulky aluminum frame.

On the other hand, it has the advantage of being flexible and offering a mild ride.

This custom was designed to maintain that ride comfort while reducing the overall weight with carbon wheels.

Are you greedy?

The thick rims also help increase cruising speed.

Well, I feel like the riser bar is ruining the air resistance, but I appreciate that.

I want people to enjoy the piste, including the waste.

METRO is also reasonably priced as a complete car, so we highly recommend choosing one on a custom basis like this.

We use mainstream standards to make it easy to customize, so you'll want to add those parts! There are very few cases where you can't wear it even if you think so.

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