After all, Barsa is

Have you already seen the 2021 Dosnoventa collection?
Which model do you like?
LA a lightweight aluminum model? Detroit falling forward? TOKYO of full carbon?
No, no, the bro -in -side has no choice but to push Barcelona.

DOSNOVENTA®01 Barcelona Frame Set

DOSNOVENTA's only steel frame.
Barcelona, ​​their home and roots.
It is a special one with a 1 -inch rug frame and a modern design and traditional design.
If you assemble it, I would like to assemble with a universal and invariant custom custom.
It is such a motorcycle that the Bro side proposes.

Dosnoventa Barcelona "Immutable"

The image is a vintage motorcycle sitting in a long -established bicycle shop overseas. A genealogy of a pure track bike.
It is a slender and delicate frame, but it is one that makes you feel the strength with some core.
Japanese -made parts such as Nitto, Sugino, and SHIMANO are indispensable for such motorcycles.
They are still actually used in bicycle racing.
There is also the charm of the fixes where users like us can roll this kind of prospec in town.


And the wheel is just prepared to match this frame.
The image of the vintage carbon wheel is perfect for Barcelona.
Thanks to this carbon wheel, I was able to finish the slender image of the steel bike as it was with a light weight like a steel bike.
F -rims will be granted for a selfish order that does not compromise on looks and specifications.

Concor Specialissima

And this time I was able to buy a little unusual saddle, so I wanted to make it in BARCA.
A special Concor released for 200 units worldwide to commemorate the 45th anniversary of SELLE SAN Marco.
It is a limited model that reprinted the popular saddle of the 70's.
It adopts an original shell and suede leather cover that is more comfortable than the current model.
Not only slim steel frames, but also a design that has no habit, so it is easy to match with various motorcycles.
I want it too.

I guess this custom pierced for steel -loving Bro horizontal staff and customers!
You can assemble from the roses and you can put the frame from your motorcycle.
If you are interested, please consult us once!


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