Italy of desire

It's hard to settle in the world.
At the end of this year, you will be quiet, but will you feel good?

Only dark news is flowing every day
We will deliver bright news from the Kichijoji store today! ! !

Authentic ItalyGazzetta It is strange to decorate the morning edition of Dello Sport paper
Here is Big News!

Brotures Kichijoji Custom
¥ 170,000 (+tax)

Using the USED GAZZETTA frame that arrived the other day
Other parts are available in custom bikes with new assembles.

The frame itself is very beautiful and has no noticeable scratches.
Probably, even if you look at the real thing, is it really used? ? I think it will be.

Luxury for undercarriage
Equipped with Brotures Rip Crank.
Combine the direct crank with a classic fine tube
A cool finish with a gap.

Stem and seat posts are aligned with Thomson,
High grade plenty.
Fabric titanium rail saddle to the ultimate.
This ultimate simple saddle
The elegance of Gazzetta is more prominent.

How is it?

By the way, if you make this custom specification with a new frame
Because the price increases by more than 20,000 yen in total
It's pretty bargain.
And not only cheap, but ...

actuallyNext season's model Gazzeta is available in one color of blueTherefore
There is no prospect of BLACK's GAZZETA in the future!

This car body that may not be obtained anymore.
The brand has many eye -catching coloring, so
Many people longed for this chic atmosphere? !

By the way, it is also possible to purchase with a normal complete body.
the price is¥ 83000 (+tax)Will be.

I wrote it on my previous blog
USED ​​products are really encountering and parting.
Timing is life.

If you are a little worried, we look forward to your contact!


~ Miya's eyes ~
Former apparel staff Miya
The axis is based on "I feel now x fixie bikes"
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This time

The North Face Purple Label

If this is not warm, scam.

Then again! !

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