I like the classic look

Of course I love thick frames such as aluminum
I like the fine frame of the chromoly.

Like the ride, it looks.
I think that it will be more classical, and depending on the custom, you will get more personality.

So, when it comes to classical
also"Silver parts"You want to put it together, right?
It's good to use leather saddles and bar tape there.

However, this time I did not use leather
Dosnoventa"Barcelona"I finished the black in a classical manner.

DOSNOVENTA 2021 Barcelona Frame Set ¥ 200,000-

Basically all silver, such as wheels, cranks, handles and seat posts.
The saddle is in Fabric, taking into account the ride comfort"Scoop Race"Set

Fabric Scoop Race ¥ 13,000-

By the way, the handle and the stem"Nitto"is.

And a chain that surprisingly affects the appearance. This is also silver.
Anyway, a custom configuration with silver.

HKK Vertex chain SL ¥ 5,500-

This time, I finished the black like this.
I'm going to finish Barcelona's white again, so please look forward to it.

If you are currently considering it, both colors are only left, so please contact us once, including confirmation.
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