Customer bike check Vol, 2

The previousVol, 1 of DOSNOVENTA DETROITImmediately, we introduce Vol, 2.
And again, the second installment is the Dosnoventa frame.

TOKYO tailored to the finest carbon, located at the highest peak in the brand lineup

Because it uses a very hard carbon, one of the rowing acceleration is addictive.
To be honest, the acceleration is not a bicycle. smile
The speed of the reaction and the quickness compared Les Paul and Strat ...
Is this a story that can only be conveyed by the owner of this car body? smile
Anyway, it's important to travel in Tokyo"Stop at short range & go"This is a fun frame. Chlomori and aluminum can never be tasted.

Here is the body of the customer who finished using such a frame.


One that was wonderfully calculated by calculating the balance between the frame and wheels.
Although it is detailed, the owner's sense is shining where stickers and wire holders are giving their own personality.

This is the most important place.Flexible and freelyI want you to enjoy custom bikes.
And in addition to Brotures Carbon WHEEL, each component is also firmly concerned.

Recently, BROTURES Harajuku has increased the number of people who customize the brakes to cool and high performance. The relationship between a fixie and a brake that cannot be wiped out of the negative impression is still a cool item if you can put it on. We recommend this Paul lever and one by esu caliper set.

Finally, please give the owner's questionnaire! !

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[Favorite bicycle brand]
[Where you like custom]
I fell in love with the artistic brand background that has never been in the bicycle world.
Not only videos taken around the world, but also this TOKYO design are also sophisticated.
[What kind of scene do you use the piste]
When commuting and fishing every day. You can enjoy it not only as your feet, but also with your hobbies.
[Items I want to customize next]
Cut-Off Police Bar. I want to run through Tokyo with a narrow riser bar.

He came after a long time, but the perfection of this Tokyo was wonderful!
Next is the steering wheel, we look forward to seeing you again.

And consultation/questions about the body of the customer introduced this time."Telephone", "email", "Instagram"Please feel free to contact us as follows.

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