Let's polish the chari!

I often ask questions about maintenance, but it's easy to say. Unfortunately, it is a bit difficult for beginners to do it.

The maintenance we are actually doing is checking the appearance, checking the operation, checking each bolt, adjusting the chain tension, adjusting the brake, and more. I don't think I can do it without a proper knowledge and tools, so I think it's best to bring it regularly.

So first try from these two without using tools.

① Tire air case

② Car wash

Air plus once a week. Just pump to the appropriate air pressure listed on the tires.
The only car wash is to wash the chari. It's okay just where you can see. It's okay as much as possible.

No, no. Polish the chari. This summer I was hit by a pretty steep rain.

So, I would like to introduce the MUC-OFF car wash goods recommended by BROTURES.


Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

Click here for environments where you can use water, such as a garage.

Waterless Wash

Cleaning agent that does not require water. Recommended for e-bike.

Bio Chain Cleaner

Please for oil -based dirt such as chains.


Bike Protect

A coating spray that can be used not only for frames but also for parts such as chains.

Matt Finish Detailer

To protect matte texture.

How to use is a video on the product page.

Click here for other care goods

Please do it on a sunny and free holiday. It is fun to polish the chari!


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