I tried using INFFEL PEDAL.

My Angelino, my feet are Brotures Infeel Pedal.

I really want to use a binding. After all, I like sneakers, so I use flat pedals.

I thought that I would choose a pedal and use MKS Allways, but even if I looked at the manufacturer, it was out of stock, missing, and missing.

The Original pedal of Brotures spoke to fill the absence of Allways.

So, this time I adopted Infeel Pedal!

by Brotures Infeel Pedal

Because the spike is surprisingly soft, the sneakers do not seem to be damaged. I feel a little slippery, and a strap is essential.

The steps are wide, and skids are easy to do.

What is the rotation of the bearing? In fact, it turns around firmly.

It's not as much as MKS Allway, but it turns. The pedaling is comfortable and the straps can be put in without stress.

Now that MKS Allways are missing, I wonder if Infeel Pedal will be active.

Of course, you can also use a thick strap YNOT strap.

Please try using it not only for the fabric but also for e-bikes.

How about INFFEL in the standard menu of the pedal?


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