“Legacy” New Style

The other day I went to IKEA to buy a rack
I got somehow bigger and bought something extra. 。

Apparently, it's a duck.

By the way, the popular car body that has been selling at a tremendous pace since the restocking the other day
Mate City "Legacy Black".

This time, we received a custom order with the classic BMX custom + α, so we will introduce that.

Mate City Legacy Black Custom Bike ¥ 309,760 (Tax in)

Mate City with a more compact and modest appearance than Mate X.

If it is black, it will fit even better, and the sharp impression will stand out more.

For the popular BMX handle style, select polish this time.

Coordination with exquisite contrast with matte black frame.

OURY V2 Grip ¥ 1,980 (Tax in)

Oury V2 grip recommended on the other day's blog.
It is a handsome grip that is particularly compatible with the long handle like this time.

Maxxis Torch ¥ 5,060 (Tax in)

The front and rear tires are the side wall version of the Maxis "Torch".

A flat tread than a genuine one, a smoother run with less resistance.

That's why this Mate Bike custom updated the finished car to a more fancy impression.
Contrary to the high -spec contents, it has a sense of exquisite relaxed style with a sense of omission.

It is a perfect custom for the city of Kichijoji, which has an atmosphere that does not stretch your shoulders and elbows in a gutsly city.
Please take a look.

By the way, in the early place, you can see shops and buildings where Christmas decorations have already begun.

This Mate City is easy to ride regardless of gender and can be used for gender -free.
This year, it is highly recommended for a partner's pcrivere -maseries.

I feel a little quick, but please make a decision before it disappears because the stock is limited.


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