The best luxury track frame "Tokyo"

Hello, this is Ren.

DOSNOVENTA TOKYO. The best luxury frame.
The material of the frame is full carbon.
The best feature of carbon is that it embodies the unprecedented ride.

This frame has come in for the first time in two years. I was really waiting.
Why is the name of this frame with the title "No.5", a proof of the top model of DOSNOVENTA?

You can see the Japan respect from Dosnoventa.
Just like Barcelona, ​​the name of his own brand base, has been created as a motif of Japanese bicycle racing.
Because of the most respected Japan, the top model was named for the Japanese city.

One of the major features of the frame is the shape of the sea tube.
This long -length shape is to attach the saddle pedestal directly here.
In short, there is no seat post and it is united.
So, when you order, first cut here to the desired length.

Cut means that once this length is cut, it will not return.
You have to know your position and recognize your best position.
So we don't recommend it for the first time for the first bike.

If you've been riding sports bikes such as road bikes for a long time,
I can't say that this position for the first time is definitely good.
This is a frame that is recommended for those who are riding well.
Already, the reservation is almost Sold Out, but if you have the right size, please ride it.
For those who want the best life now.


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