Introduction of unique stock wheel at kic...

A terrible situation has finally happened ...
At last, the yellowtail has appeared at home.
I can't beat it because it's a chicken, but ... I don't see it and I'm living together.

Apparently, I want to say "welcome back" by Goki.Kickis.

This time, we will introduce the unique stock wheels of the Kichijoji store! !
Click here for the first of the wheels to be introduced this time ↓


The rim is Brotures all -round aluminum rimWiver
Widrim design that supports not only clinchers but also tubeless!
The brake surface is also performed, and the logo claim is modest, and it is a versatile rim that does not get in the way even if you customize any bicycle!

The hub is a lifelongPHILWOOD TRACK HUB!!
I'm not very familiar with bicycles, but the hub of Philwood is good! I guess many people know that.
It is a hub with outstanding durability as well as rotation!
In order for many hubs to maintain and grease up once a year to maintain rotation, it is essential that this Philwood hub is maintenance -free for about 5 years. You can keep riding! !
If you think that it is a power type with only rotation, it was a super versatile type with durability that keeps rotating ...
The most disgusting enemy when you come to the game ...

If you have read this far, you may have thought, "Yes, this combination ..."
I really want to recommend it because it is a classic and very good combination.
However, this wheel is a bit different!
Please go back to the top and look at the photos ... Did you notice that the spoke is screwed?
That's right, this wheelMolanbon groupIt is assembled in! !
You will release a unique aura even though it is a classic combination!
Not only the appearance, but also twisting makes the wheel harder and increased rigidity more than usual! !
If you are thinking of a custom that is different from people, please come at the storeI want to screwPlease say! ! !

The Kichijoji store also handles USED, so there are USED stock wheels as well as new products. If you want to customize the wheels but want to keep the price as low as possible, check out the USED wheel!

So, here is another one ↓

H Plus Son The Hydra × Philwood High Flange Track Hub Black (USED)

Here is a USED product!

The rimH Plus SonofTHE HYDRA
It is an aluminum rim for tubeless from H Plus Son, which is familiar with AT-25 and SL-42!
Excellent stability with a 25㎜ wide rim!
It may also be a custom that can be used to go off -road along with a wide clearance motorcycle such as Angelino because there are thick tires.

After all the hub is a classicPhilwood
Click here for High Flange, unlike before!
Excellent presence with High Flange! But it is not in the way ... This can only be said that it is because the beauty and performance of PHILWOOD are compatible.

Furthermore, the point of this wheel is here ↑nippleis!
HubPhilwoodThe nipple is also assembled in red according to the red color of the logo!
It might be cool if you put red in the all -black body with red!

Hand -assembled wheels choose rims, hubs, spokes, and nipples, but it is interesting that the person's personality comes out depending on how they choose.
It is a recommended wheel for those who want to add some colors! !

This time we introduced stock wheels!
The rare wheels unique to the Kichijoji store are stocked, so we will update them as needed!


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