"Class" Cal in life

Recent blogs are full of happiness.
Mr. Fujimoto was a wife, and Toriyama had a bicycle with her.
I'm not envious! !

If you write such a thing, it will be autumn rain from your eyes. Thank you,Kickis.

Aside from this, let's go to the main subject! !

Click here for this custom bike ↓

This time, I set a calm brown color for the slender frame and custom parts of the chromoly and assembled a custom bike with a classical atmosphere.

The base body isLOCAL BIKES BLANKS COMPLETE BIKE \85,800- (In tax) 
With the concept of having you enjoy a piste bike, a wide clearance that can be set up to 35C
A rack can be attached to the rear dowel hole! !
It is a highly expandable motorcycle that can be applied not only to City Ride, but also for surfing and skateboarding! !

TiresSIM WORKS VOLUMMY ¥ 7,150- (in tax)
The grip feeling is perfect even though it is a slick tire. The side is also strong with gum wall specifications!
The name "Peanuts Butter" of SIM WORKS is also cute.

Choose a slightly thicker 28C to realize a relaxed ride.

The steering stem is slim and creates a classic feeling according to the slender frame of the chromoly.

The handle isNitto B802 Riser Bar ¥ 7,040- (in Tax)
Higher rise and backed vaxweep cause a stable handling and a wide field of view. It is not suitable for giving the speed of speed, but this kind of handle is just right if you take a town by bicycle.
PriceBrotures Wide Low RiserIf you are looking for a relaxed handle, please try it.

Stem isNitto MT-32 Low Stack Stem
Stem featuring a short stack height of 35mm.
The two -piece tightening with the upper and lower screws is cool and cool.
Since its fixation is inferior to the normal four -tight stem, it is recommended for the handle for running slowly like this custom handle! !

The saddle isSELLE ITALIA MILANO FLITE RACER ¥ 23,100- (in tax)
Sella Italia, a long -established saddle brand with over 120 years of history
Now, SELLA ITALIA has released carbon saddles, which are often released by other manufacturers, and saddles with holes on the seating surface.

This time Milano Flite Racer is a famous saddle, Flight 1990 arrangement saddle! !
The bitter color and the texture of the leather change the bike atmosphere.
By unifying the color of the saddle, side skin and grip, the impression is completely different compared to the state of the completed car.

This time, I made a custom bike with a classic atmosphere with slender parts and calm colors.
The custom that runs pounding is good, but there are also stylish motorcycles for riding on the city on holidays.
Try putting a piste bike in your daily life as an element that enriches your life! !


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