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Let's talk about the lunch situation at the Kichijoji store, which you may be curious about.
The Indian curry restaurant near Seikei University that I have been frequenting recently is Hana.
You can choose the spiciness, but the spiciest one, "SUPER HOT", is deliciously spicy! Enjoy authentic Indian curry!

When eating SUPER HOT, eat it on a day off.
From experienced person Kick・MAZDA. Hi, I'm Kick .

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Based on the concept of "PLAY POP", we want you to enjoy riding a fixie bike easily, so we maintain an affordable price.
It has been upgraded with higher expandability than the previous model "METRO".
Wide clearance for mounting tires up to 35C, dowel holes for mounting racks, etc.
Geometry that allows barspin.
You can ride on unpaved roads, or you can attach a rack to make it easier to use mainly for city riding.
You can also use it as a trick car by taking advantage of the durable chromoly material and geometry that allows bar spin.
Since you can use it to suit your lifestyle, it is a bike that can expand your life's possibilities, making it recommended for both your first fixie bike and for adding to your fleet.

This time, we have customized the tires and grips based on the components of the completed car.

Tires are PANARACER GRAVELKING SK Sunset Orange 32C

Since its establishment in 1952, PANARACER has been a specialized manufacturer of bicycle tires and tubes for over 70 years. Today, it is a world-renowned comprehensive manufacturer of a wide variety of tires and tubes, including road tires and tubes, gravel and mountain bikes, as well as electric bikes and wheelchairs.

GRAVELKING is an adventure tire that has improved puncture resistance and durability while also being lightweight.
" ZSG Natural Compound " with excellent durability and wear resistance
AX-α Cord is an ultra-light and ultra-fine product with excellent flexibility that contributes to reduced rolling resistance and weight reduction.
" Anti-Flat Casing " strengthens cut and rim puncture resistance by attaching puncture-resistant reinforcing material to the entire surface of the tire.
These PANARACER technologies allow you to drive long distances with less fatigue, faster and more comfortably on paved roads, and tougher driving on unpaved roads.

The tires installed this time are "GRAVELKING SK" from GRAVELKING.
GRAVELKING SK is a model that maintains the same performance as GRAVELKING, but uses a block pattern that improves drivability when driving on unpaved roads.

And, I think some people may be surprised, but the color this time is ``Sunset Orange'' from the 2023 Gravel King Limited Color Edition.
Have fun matching colors with parts, accessories, and fashion items!

This time I tried matching the grip with orange.

“OURY” is a grip manufacturer made in the USA with a long history of over half a century.
V2 GRIP has no flange at the grip end and is longer than mountain GRIP.
OURY's distinctive block pattern and special compound create a unique and chewy grip.
One of the charms of OURY is the wide variety of colors available.
Since the grip is a relatively easy part to customize, you can choose a variety of colors depending on your mood.


INFEEL is the perfect pedal for city piste in terms of design and performance.
It is made from machined aluminum, has a chromoly shaft, and has two sealed bearings inside the pedal.
The tread is wide, and the strap can go through basically anything, so it's very comfortable to use.
It has just the right amount of rotation and ease of use.

A small detail is that the stem is installed upside down compared to the finished car.
By tilting the handle slightly downward, it becomes easier to apply force to the handle when pushing hard.
This time, we have tires suitable for off-road use,
Customized with power pedaling in mind! !

This time, I built a custom bike based on BLACK colored BLANKS with orange colored tires and grips.
The only custom parts this time are the tires and grips, but the combination of orange and black colors makes the car body a big impact.

BLANKS that expand your life's possibilities
Imagine incorporating a fixie bike into your life, and don't you think you can have an exciting day wherever you go?
Just like the spiciness of authentic Indian curry, anything exciting can become addictive.
I guarantee you that every day will be fun.

Well then. From Kick・MAZDA

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