I'll do it ...! Frame replacement campaign!

Many people are confused by the snowy snow.
I'm so cold that I don't think I'm from Hokkaido, so I'm withered,
Matsu -chan has risen as much as the tension is raised to a peppter in the zoo.

Apparently, Hokkaido PRIDE, who never wears Hey Tech. This is Miya.


Well today.


I'll do it ...! Frame replacement campaign!

So, that campaign that was sometimes done in Kichijoji in Kichijoji was revived in January only.


[Replacement] is
Remove the parts from the body you are riding and replace it with a new frame.


The outline of the campaign looks like this.

(1) Limited to those who purchase frames at Kichijoji store.
Replacement wage (usually ¥ 33,000-) is free on the basis of trade-in pisto frames! !
③ If the quotation of the frame to be tradeed in exceeds ¥ 33,000-, cash back the difference! !
④ On the contrary,Even if the quotation of the frame to trade in is below ¥ 33,000-At least ¥ 33,000-, which is a replacement fee, will be guaranteed! !


This is a sober and great campaign.
Here are some examples for those who have never been replaced.


For example, the replacement after receiving the order during this time is like this.
From FUJI's truck archive that was originally riding to Tyrant Bikes Kagero.


Here is the car body after the replacement is completed!
In conjunction with this replacement, the handle area, seat post, and front wheels were newly tone.

The newly tone part fee is separate, but the cost of this replacement
・ Wage to disassemble the original body (Barashi wage) ¥ 10,000-
・ Wage to be assembled again with a new frame (assembly wage) ¥ 20,000-
So, the total is ¥ 33,000- (tax in).

In this campaign, you can trade in the original frame.
Regardless of any brand of any brand, this "replacement wage" will be free! !

By the way, if it is a rare frame related to MASH, Dosnoventa, CINELLI ... if the purchase assessment exceeds the replacement wage, we will cash back the difference!

While making good use of the parts you are wearing, it is a campaign where you can replace it with such a frame or such a frame that you longed for.
Why don't you take this opportunity to change your heart? !

The period is from today to the end of January!

We are looking forward to your order.




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