"CINELLI x MASH BOLT 2.0" with intense he...

The other day, at the end of work near Inokashira ParkWAADI listened to jazz!
A jazz that you do not usually listen to. I like it simply.
Delicious coffee, hot dogs and jazz, it was too comfortable.
I just longed for my favorite shop, so this would go through.

My image is"Bakemon with hair like tape tape that cannot be cooked at all"I don't want to think that
I am aiming to improve my image with a stylish everyday appeal.It's Kick.

This time, the first featured frame that is the first shot in 2024 has arrived on USED.
Introducing custom bikes based on that frame! !

Immediately, from the frame of the highlight ...
CINELLI × MASH BOLT 2.0Will be! !

"Cinelli x Mash"I guess some people may be "biku" just by hearing the name!
Italian long -established motorcycle manufacturer"Cinelli"And San Francisco is a legendary piste crew"Mash"Was tagged"Cinelli x Mash"
I want to watch the Mash video and try tricks with a skid! I guess there are many people who thought.

This model produced as the 10th anniversary model of the crew "Mash", a leading crew who spread a piste bike around the world, is a 27.2 mm seat post, "Bolt", the first model of Mash. Mount and taper head
It will be updated and re -appeared, such as adopting!

Geometry with a short, top tube that is short, a quick ride.
Columbus triple vated tube using 7000s aluminum, which is also used for aircraft
Similarly San Francisco skate brand"HUF"I also worked on the logo"Benny Gold"Outstanding design by.
There is no compromise on the design as well as geometry and materials

And the size isC-T540 in S sizeGolden size! !
With my height (175cm), I can get on one size, but with a Mash frame, I can stir the desire to get a seat post on purpose, so if the S size is perfect, of course. I would like to recommend it to those who usually ride a slightly larger size!

WheelsHed. X Brotures Exclusive Track Wheel Set Black
The United States is a high -quality wheel manufacturer that is a high -quality wheel manufacturer that is performed from the production of hubs and rims in Minnesota's own factory.
This time, BROTURES was completely bespokeHed. Choose the Black of the BROTURES EXCLUSIVE TRACK WHEEL SET
Performance, such as BELGIUM C2 rims and original track hubs for HED.
Some people like the complete Made in USA, and the rim "HED." Logo, which is easier to understand than the bespoke wheel Polish.

There is only one set of one set of BLACK, a limited edition, so there is a Kichijoji store.
If you are interested, please do it as soon as possible!

The crank isSG75 DD2Set
SG75, which boasts the highest accuracy and rigidity of the square tapered crank
"SG75 DD2" that appeared as a direct crank
With the same rigidity of the SG75 as it is, it is possible to convert the stepping force into propulsion without loss.

Personally, the best thing is that the BB is out due to the characteristics of the direct crank.
If you use PHIL OBB with abundant color variations, it is also possible to give individuality with the color! !
It is recommended that the accent color is easy to understand for the frame with black and gray like "bolt" this time.

Like MashLong riserOf course, stem and seat postThomsonUnified.
This time, a short stem is set, but Thomson has a variety of lengths, so even if the frame is small, you can change the position by adjusting it with a stem or seat post!
"It's cool, but it doesn't fit your height ..." !

This time, we have introduced the intense heat frame suitable for the first shot in 2024.
Many people have danced to the arrival of CINELLI × MASH after a long absence! !

It will be on sale at the store and will be on sale from Sunday, January 21st tomorrow.
We look forward to your inquiry and consider! !

see you.

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