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Time passes quickly, and January is over.
It's a bit late, but I would like to announce my goal of this year.
"Do a lot of glue pride !!"is.
I've been doing it several times last year, but it rains, postponed, postponed, canceled ... It will be like that.
Stop searching for the culprit.

With some fortune -telling"Taurus+A type"Is very good luck and seems to be ranked first in the ranking.
By the way, I don't believe it at all.
We plan to glue pride soon, so please check it out! Thank you,Kick.

This time, the recommended used parts are available, so I would like to introduce three selections!

The first is here ↓

[USED] Chris King Nothread Set (1-1/8 ")

From the first, I got a big deal! !

If you say head parts"Chris King"Well, the beauty of the appearance that does not lose name and the overwhelming durability created by the unique bearing of the proprietary manufacturing are not allowed to follow other head parts.
Made in USAThe overwhelming durability and accuracy of CHRIS KING, which is committed from product development to manufacturing at CHRIS KING's own factory, is also ink from top athletes, and the 10 -year long -term warranty is a sign of CHRIS KING's confidence.

This timeOver-size (1-1/8) standardSo it can be attached to various vehicles.
For example, Leader®Angelino"・ Tyrantbikes"Legacy"・ All-City"BIG-BLOCK"・
Local bikes "Blanks"・ CHINELLI"Gazzetta"Etc ... Bicycle handled by BROTURES is it like this.
Please feel free to contact us if you can attach it to the bicycle you are riding!

The color is definitely matched to various frame colorsBlackis.
Because it is a durable CHRIS KING, durability is maintained without any problems even when used.
There is not much chance to get "KING" at a great price, as soon as possible! !

The second is here ↓

[USED] Fabric Scoop Ultimate Shallow

He offered a simple appearance and comfortable sitting comfort at an affordable price"Fabric"Than,
Popular model"SCOOP"Is in stock.
Even more surprising is that the highest grade has not been released in Japan and the highest peak"Ultimate"That means!

Because the base and rail part of the saddle are made of carbon, it is only light.182g
Moreover, the high vibration absorption of carbon reduces the burden on the buttocks due to vibration from the ground.
There is no doubt that the comfort of the ride will increase.

Among the three riding positions that are also features of Fabric, this time"Shallow"
Among the three riding positions, the balance between comfort and movement is the best, and it has a versatile saddle shape suitable for all riding styles.

Not only those who were looking for it, as it was Fabric, which was finished with regret.
I would also recommend it for those who are looking for a saddle that suits me now!

The third is here ↓


The world's three major component brands"SRAM"More peak grade"Red"Brake calipers are available.

The compact shape makes it not only lighter weight, but also a single -peeled brake caliper that has realized air resistance and reduction.
Aerolink armAs the name implies, the system is reduced by the aero structure, reducing air resistance.
Not only prevention of one -effects that are common in brake calipers, but also have reliable braking properties.
TrulySramAs expected,RedNote.

It's a nice point that it supports up to 28c, so it is supporting popular thick tires and wide rims recently.

It may be cool, cool, the performance is perfect, and it supports even thicker tires, so you may want all riders!
It is expected that it will be SOLD soon ... If you are a little worried, please do it as soon as possible! !

This time, we have introduced 3 selections of the latest recommended -line used parts!
Including popular CHRIS KING"I wanted this !!"I guess it was a lot of parts.
online storeWe will post used parts at any time, so please check it out!

see you.

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