February 12th (Monday/holiday) Kichijoji ...

As the title says, we will be holding our first group ride in 2024!
Last year, we were hit by rain every time we held a ride.
I, Kick, will be a man in 2024, and I will be number 1 in the fortune ranking of ``zodiac sign x blood type''!
Please consider it all thanks to me if you have nice weather for your ride!

We will not accept complaints even if it rains. Please tell God. Hi, I'm Kick.


Group ride will be held on Monday, February 12th (holiday)! !

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Destination : PATH BACKYARD (Yutenji, Meguro-ku) “Via BROTURES Harajuku”
Meeting time : BROTURES Kichijoji store 16:30 (departs at 17:00)
Distance : 19km (about 1 hour 20 minutes)

The final destination of the first ride in 2024 is Nakameguro Yutenji <br>The shop “PATH BACKYARD” where Mr. Taiga , who originally worked at BROTURES Kichijoji store, was involved
It will open on February 12th (Monday), so I would like to meet up with the Harajuku store on the way and go to the opening event!

Depart Kichijoji store at 17:00 and arrive at Harajuku store around 18:00
This is the route to join and head to “PATH BACKYARD”! !

Taiga's brand "Flow Lab" not only produces original frames using his experience as a builder, but also produces movies!
Fuwa, a former staff member of BROTURES Kichijoji store, is also involved in music/editing for the movie.
Let's go celebrate the opening of a shop that has an inseparable connection with BROTURES Kichijoji!

At the open event, there will be a flea market, coffee and food in the gallery space, so
In addition to talking about bicycles, the content of the event is sure to be exciting!

The event will be held until 20:00, but once you arrive you will have free time.
You can eat food, find treasures at the flea market, and have fun chatting about bicycles! !

Please feel free to join us! Please just equip the brakes and lights!

We are looking forward to seeing you at our Kichijoji store or Harajuku store on February 12th (Monday/holiday)!

see you.

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