Not a DOSNOVENTA component.

It's been a long time, but thank you for watching yesterday's Instagram! It is a coater.

It will be an introduction of custom bikes, but Los Angeles khaki has been long -awaited restocked.

I would like to see it at a glance at yesterday's live, but I will introduce it on my blog.

DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Frame Set \ 163,900-

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As the title suggests, I did not use Dosnobenta Components and used the BROTURES product "F Rim" and "Thomson"!

F RIM UD 69mm x Mack Hub ¥ 95,700 ~

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The front and rear hand -assembled wheels with the same combination.

With the F -rim UD design, the rim hats are 69mm and the best in -pact.

The SHRED series is "60mm" and "88mm", so if you want it in the middle, let's choose this rim!

( * We are still receiving orders for F rims, but it is until the 21st of this month, so the remaining one week. Details are below!)

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So, the gray of the MACK hub to match with such an F rim.

It is a wheel with a calm impression in an adult color.

I personally like this way of assembly, but what about you?

And the crank is introduced yesterday, but it is black of "Rip Crank".

Rather than suddenly working on a high end, the seats are composed of relatively inexpensive ones so that you can leave custom fun in the future.

You want to stick around the handle from the beginning, right?

With that in mind, the area is unified with Thomson. In this case, I want to replace the seat post, seat clamps, and spacers with Thomson.

Well, there is.

I tried to finish it like this, but how about it?

This specification, which is conscious of not only appearance but also "lighter", is exhibited at the store as it is.

In addition, another color, Black and "Detroit", are available, so it is possible to compare at stores.

If you are worried, please feel free to drop in.



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