Don't forget dosnoventa

Hello everyone. It is GORI of BROTURES Harajuku!

Today is Happy Merry Christmas Eve. One year is really fast. 。 。

If you think that it was 2021 just before, 2022 will soon run over the remaining 2021!

Well, aside from such a story, today is a DonSnoventa custom vehicle for the first time in a long time.

The recent blog has a lot of exposure frequency of Leader®️, and I missed me, a Dosnoveata user, so I customized it after a long absence.

Then I will introduce it immediately!


DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELS Frame Set ¥ 163,900-Tax included

DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELS completed car ¥ 273,900-tax included

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The DOSNOVENTA frame introduced this time is Los Angels.

This body, which I myself rides, is characterized by a horizontal shape, and the top tube and the ground are parallel.

It gives the best riding posture from its shape, giving the best riding taste in all shorts, medium and long distances.

Regarding BB Height, it is designed to be higher than other frames, so the pedal is less likely to hit the ground, and a sharp cornering is inserted without reducing the speed.

Regarding the frame, it is a very durable and lightweight aluminum frame of Columbus Air Plain's 7075.

The acceleration power that runs between the toughness and the traffic light between the street ride is a first -class item!


CORIMA 4 Spokes HM Front ¥ 135,300-Tax included

BROTURES F-RIM × MACK HUB REAR ¥ 94,600-Tax included

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Next, we will introduce custom parts.

First of all, from the flower -shaped custom parts wheels!

The Front has a 4 baton wheel of CORIMA, and a wheel that combines carbon diprim F-RIM and MACK hub for REAR.

Apart from the common point of the front and rear carbon wheels, this wheel is light and turns around!

If the rotation performance of CORIMA's ceramic speed bearing is combined with MACK's unique spinning rotation performance, it will be able to go comfortably.


BROTURES RIP CRANK SET ¥ 26,400-Tax included

Digirit Carbonen Ring ¥ 26,900 -Tax included

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Choose the original Rip Crank Set for the brotures original, the crank that is also the engine of the fixie bike!

Although it is an excellent crank with a 3 -piece set of crank arms, OBB, and chainring, it takes advantage of the highly compatible model called PCD144.

The chain ring was customized to Digirit.

Based on the durable test of 25,000 km, it has the amazing ability of no wear, and it is lighter than aluminum.

In addition, Digirit's full carbonchien ring is certified as ISO, and trust and achievements are ◎!

This checker flag pattern is my favorite design.


Thomson Carbon Riser ¥ 22,000-tax included

Thomson X4 STEM ¥ 12,100-Tax included

Thomson Masterpiece Carbon \ 34,100-Tax included

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Financial components of handles, stems, and seat posts do not use Dosnoventa.

This time I used Thomson.

Because the wheels, chain rings, and cogs are used, without compromising the handle and seat post.

I used carbon.

If it is a body that considers shock absorption so far, the riding comfort should definitely be good. Rather, it must be good!

By being conscious of the lightness to the fine parts, it will gradually succeed in dieting the car body, which will lead to speed.

I want you to be conscious and choose custom parts!


How was the custom of Los Angels this time?

It was Dosnoventa that appeared after a long time, so it is directly powerful. smile

There are various customs, and there are various customs, so please feel free to contact us if you are thinking about customs of your car!



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