Group Ride Info!

The world is already Silver Week. Just yesterday, I knew at a manga cafe. It wasn't that Shamanking Flowers was discontinued in 6 volumes. 。 。 I really want you to serialize somewhere again. By the way, it is a consecutive holiday. Then I can't help running anymore! That's why I'm doing the second glue pride this month. This time it looks like an early cat. The date9/22 (Tue)The national day! The meeting20:00 to BROTURES KICHIJOJII'm sorry! There is a detailed explanation of the rules and the division of teams and courses, so please adhere to the time. Even if you don't seem to be in time, please contact us as we will respond to some extent! Like last time, let's make a safe and fun ride with the highest traffic rules even though it is a race! Of course, there are punishment games, so please be prepared for it.
1-1-2 Kichijoji Kitamachi, Musashino City, Tokyo MAP
Weekdays/12:00~18:00 (no regular holidays) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/10:00~18:00