"NEW" Brotures Wheels !!

BROTURES original rim,"WIVER " Is released last year.

And this time, new parts have been released from Brotures original.

By Brotures Track Hub

As you may know, the original Hub of Brotures has appeared.

Look, touch, and say, "Yeah, not bad." The staff had their mouths together.

This is Brotures product, "just right". The price, texture and design are exquisitely.

The rim is created, and next time the hub appears, there is no choice but to form a wheel.

And here is the assembled wheel.

The combination of black looks like this.

Just match the matte black hub with the gross black rim, and it doesn't seem to be too cheap and don't assert.

The white logo that flickers from the hub is a key point.

This is a polish combination.

The glittering wheels, the classical, and the perfect color for a lacy custom.

This wheel is only a savior, where the polished color and a good cospa wheels were hard to find.

BROTURES WIVER X TRACK HUB Set ¥ 62,040- (Intax)

Affordable wheels were completed without anything.

The wheels are parts that can change the coordinates of the body, but they are required to have some specifications, and they cost a reasonable price. understand.

I wonder if this wheel can be solved.

Cospa is good and flexible to make a classical bike with a polished main and a black -based street bike.

The online site has two colors, black and polished, but I would put a different color with the rim and hub and match it with a black color rim and polished hub.

Of course, the price does not change even if you change the color with the rim and hub.

It is recommended to use the order form from the following for your own color selection and other customs!

Do you want to make your body a little better?

Do you want to change the visuals of the body?

We have "just right" wheels.


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