Spain, Barcelona's leading frame manufacturer"DOSNOVENTA" The frame is hand -made one by one by the craftsman's hands. For that reason, there is not much in both arrival and arrival frequency. Meanwhile, DOSNOVENTA has finally arrived at the Harajuku store. This time, the Harajuku store arrived"HOUSTON" First of all, if you say the feature of this frame, first of all, the frame color pink! ! It is a beautiful paint even when viewed nearby, and the impact of the appearance is sufficient. This color is a coloring that you want to ride for men. I think that a little flashy impression is just right for bicycles. On the day you run around the city across such a frame, you will definitely be able to monopolize the gaze of the waiting person. And after all, this frame has an integral sheet tube. There is no need to have a seat post, and the overall weight has been reduced. It is said that the weight reduction around the buttocks is easier for dancing during climbing and dashing (running while waving the body like a pendulum). DOSNOVENTA Frames are designed to be designed to be designed for street racing, so the ease of riding is easy to ride. Please refer to custom samples assembled in BROTURES so far.
■ DOSNOVENTA HOUSTON Standard Custom ¥ 299,000- (+Tax)
■ DOSNOVENTA HOUSTON SHRED88 Custom ¥ 380,000- (+Tax) Please check at this opportunity at the store. We'll be expecting you. CAMY. 03-6804-3115 Brotures Harajuku
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