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Spain, Barcelona's leading frame maker "Dosnoventa"。
As the name comes from the number of BB height "290", the BB is set higher than the normal frame. All frames are "Hand Made in Italy" and are designed for street racing such as Red Hook Crit. The BB position is set high, the folk offset is set smaller and the entire frame is designed more compact, showing Dosnoventa's unique commitment that other brands are not available. The tube used is a triple vattet structure, which uses a DEDACCIAI aluminum tube. Dedachai is currently the only tubing company in Europe that can manufacture the only tipbateted hydroform touring. The tubing itself is not Asia, but the Dosnoventa commitment to manufacture in Europe, the difference in detailed tubing due to the parts, thorough heat treatment, and high drafting technology, pursuing the frame and firmness. It is a frame that has been done. Not only has good functionality and driving performance, but also the secrets of Dosnoventa's popularity. DOSNOVENTA is the coloring that overturns the bicycle industry and the logo of the sticky logo that is scattered everywhere. Many people know that they are in charge of DOSNOVENTA design.Dani Melo"
Most items are designed, not to mention HOUSTON and Detroit2.0. He is also doing another product "Melojail Tattoo"Is gaining popularity overseas and has become a hot topic. The DSNV frame of such a stylish and cool brand is stocked at the Osaka store with little. If you want to ride a higher -grade bicycle, if you are thinking of replacing the frame, or if you are considering purchasing a fixie bike, please feel free to contact us. U-KI.
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