DOSNOVENTA edinburgh Customer's Bike

Currently, a rare frame with only three in Japan. "DOSNOVENATA edinburgh" Based on metallic green, it looks like a purple, The chameleon color that shines like a ball insect is It can be said that the beautiful cityscape of the Scotland and World Heritage Town Edinburgh is brilliantly expressed.
Hidden in the paint work that jumped into the eyes first, The potential of the frame is very high An unusual material for bicycles called "Aloischeal", which was not approached by other brands at all. In addition to the rigidity of alloy aluminum and the toughness of chromoly, both characteristics can be expected. By adopting carbon material for the fork, its performance shifts to a higher level. The customer vehicle this time is one that matches the classic Dosnoventa and the liking of the rider.
The front and rear wheels are "HED." This brand, which also supports Dosnoventa in Spain It is indispensable for directing high -end. Needless to say about driving performance.
The "Rotor" incorporated in the crank is outstanding with Dosnoventa. It is the only disc shape among the existing truck cranks It is a structure that can easily convert the pedaling power without wasted, unpleasant, and smoothly convert.
Unified brands, stem, seat post, but also head parts. "Ritchey" The founder of this brand created a genre of a vehicle called Mountain Bike, One of the important brands related to the bicycle world. Among them, when choosing the top grade "Super Logic" I can't help but feel the seriousness that seems to be affection for this bike. The arrival this time is sold out, so it will be a frame set that requires a reservation. The next minute will be in stock from September to October. The delivery time is faster than other handmade frames. The order of Edinburgh Frame is from ¥ 335,000 (excluding tax). In the case of a loan 24 times First time ... ¥ 17,539- After that ... ¥ 15,800- → Click here to make a reservation ← 03-6804-3115
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