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Last week's Saturday, Sunday, at each BROTURES store "Dosnoventa"There was an order meeting for". After all, our staff was surprised that the popularity was enormous, and it was so well -known so far! It's a bit bottleneck that you can wait for about six months after ordering,It's an Italian handmade, so it's faster than the others.。 This time, all lineups will be available in September, soNow is the chance to make a reservation! ! A new model comes out, and the standard is a model change.Isn't that a pretty good timing? ? And today is the new model,DOSNOVENTA EDINBURGHI would like to introduce the custom of. This owner decides to buy the moment he meets the frame. I'm completely in love at first sight ~ First of all, as you can see, you'll be deprived of the coloring! And what I am surprised is this is chromoly ... this is a real thing that can be riding for a lifetime! ! Personally, the chain stay graphic is a pest mask. If possible, I want to wear a pest mask. If you can ... I don't need an extra story lol DOSNOVENTA DOSNOVENTA edinburgh Framest ¥ 335,000 (+tax) Of course, you can purchase by changing, so please feel free to contact us! and,"SplitIs possible to purchase in.Interest rates are far more advantageous than credit cardsSo I recommend it! ! You can do it as soon as you have an ID card (license, passport ...) and a few minutes. The simulation is posted on the following part, so for reference! ! Remaining funds 361,800 yen (tax included) 5 % of real annual rate Installation payment fee 19,139 yen 1st payment amount 17,539 yen x 1 time Payment from the second time 15,800 yen x 23 times Anyway, if you get on, I'm glad if you can get on the one you like. It is also possible to make it your own. We will make any proposals, so I would like to consult first. Last but not least, it is a secret that EDINBURGH has a "basket" at the end ... lol. That's why the piste bike is fun! Mazda BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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