DOSNOVENTA "Detroit2,0" Custom !!

Every time I think, Kageki, who is taking pictures, really feels malicious. smile It's called a model for women, it's called a pose, and it's erotic. I'm sorry! Is it only me who doesn't go to Chari again? ... smile for now! Both the model and the Detroit are wonderful! ! yes! From here, I will do it seriously. This time, we arrived at Kichijoji"Detroit2,0" Mat yellow is the best cool. It's a yellow but it's a mat, so it's not a nasty feeling. Is it an adult yellow? If you get on such a chaloro tsukuri, you will want to show off everyone! ! The frame itself"Detroit"Is a pashute frame with the top tube downward, so There is no doubt that the stop & go and skid weight shift in the city, the smoothness of acceleration! And this time, that"Detroit"I tried to customize it boldly! ! Please refer to it because I summarized it below! !
■ DOSNOVENTA "Detroit2,0" Custom FREAM: DOSNOVENTA "Detroit2,0" YELLOW ¥ 165,000- (+tax) Handle: Leader Down Town Drop Bar ¥ 8,000- (+Tax) ・ Stem: DEDA ZERO100 PISTA ¥ 9,900- (+Tax) ・ SEAT POST: DEDA SUPERZERO ¥ 16,800- (+Tax) ・ SADLE: Selle Italia Novus Flow S ¥ 18,600- (+Tax) ・ Front WHEEL: BROTURES SHRED60 ¥ 50,000- (+Tax) ・ Rear Wheel: BROTURES T4 ¥ 99,500- (+Tax) After all, the carbon looks good on the mat color! ! Choose carbon material parts on the front rear wheel, seat post! By carbon -specific vibration absorption It realizes a comfortable ride! Because it is a precious pashute frame, the stem is also angled, and by adding a track drop. It's a beautiful silhouette! This is a street style! ! If you are interested, please come as soon as possible! Now that there is also in the store, it is possible to match the size. Finally, please refer to the loan simulation so please refer to it.
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