It's getting warmer and how about the han...

Hello everyone.

It is GORI of BROTURES Harajuku.

In April, the temperature rose, and there were warm days in Tokyo that recorded a summer day.

Finally, the full -fledged piston season has arrived!

I'm very happy that it's getting warmer, but I'm honest with the strong winds that continue every day. 。 。 smile

Because it is easier to get on the fix, I want you to enjoy customs.

Of course, it's fun to ride, but custom is especially recommended as one of the ways to enjoy a fixie bike!

Therefore, today, we will introduce the "handle custom" that can make a big change in appearance and running.

This time, we will use the theme of affordable handle custom!

BROTURES LOW RISER BAR ¥ 7,700-Tax included

First of all, we will introduce it from a cool handle custom that can be customized and looks cool!

The main handle is Wide Low Riser Bar, which appeared from Brotures Original Product.

The first thing I want to recommend with this handle is its price.

¥ 7,700-The overwhelming cost performance, despite the affordable price including tax.

Nitto for Shred Bar, which is often introduced to customers at the store, is ¥ 10,230- including tax, so the difference is ¥ 2,530-tax included.

The performance itself is as good as it is as good as it is, and the outstanding durability, street -like appearance, etc. are also ◎.

This handle is especially for those who are customary for the first time to use it.

The recommended brake lever and the grip that you want to match this will be introduced this time.

First from the brake lever.

DIA-COMPE TECH 5 ¥ 7,700-Tax included

The lever that I want to customize personally is DIA-COMPE TECH 5 Black.

TECH 5 has a high-quality appearance, although it is an affordable price of ¥ 7,700- on the left and right set.

If you want to keep the price down, there is a more affordable brake lever, but it looks too cheap, and the accuracy of the brake is not good enough.

Because of the security of stopping firmly, it leads to rowing fast, so even if the brake lever is higher,

I recommend some good things!

By the way, the lever called Tech5 has a long lever part, so it is especially easy for those who have large hands like me!

* I saw it compared to a short lever for reference!

This length creates a comfortable grip. smile

KINK ACE FLANGELESS GRIP ¥ 1,650-Tax included

Finally, I will introduce the grip.

The grip has a relationship that is inseparable for the riser.

Even with a smartly custom handle, if you make a mistake in choosing a grip, the appearance will be difficult ...

Regarding the grip, the appearance preference is different for each person, so I can not say that it is absolute, but it is a push.

ACE GRIP of KINK, a BMX brand!

The grip of this guy is good.

This grip is really recommended because I myself use it myself.

Set a 15cm and a slightly longer grip to make use of the neat appearance of the long riser to complete a stylish handle custom!

This time, I chose the BLACK grip, but the color of the grip is diverse.

If you give a calm impression, you often choose BLACK and GREY, but recently there are many people who select colored goods.

Since the grip itself does not cost so much, it is recommended to choose your favorite color.

At this time, the handle custom is completed, but this theme is reasonable!

The total amount of the three parts introduced this time is ...

¥ 19,800-tax included including wages!

You can customize this handle in 198!

* Depending on the clamp diameter of the stem used, the stem may have to be changed, so there may be an additional charge.

How about this reasonable price!

GORI is really recommended because this handle custom is particularly affordable and has the best performance.

You read this blog and wanted to consult about custom, you there

Please feel free to contact us.

In preparation for custom requests from everyone, we are waiting for you to purchase a large amount of handle, grip, and brake lever!


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