Thinking about a foreign beach

The temperature rose and finally the "switch to move" was on.
If you start muscle, your thighs will be separated.

Apparently, "I feel uncomfortable with the left thigh".

By the way, will the rainy season in the Kanto region be defeated behind?
Summer if the rainy season is over.
Speaking of summer, beach.
Speaking of beaches, "sunset dyed in red".

With the frame that arrived at the end of last month
I tried to assemble one of The Sunset Ride.



Losangeles of the old design that was regretted
The color is Venice Beach.

Speaking of Benis is a very famous beach in Los Angeles, California.
This is imagined a venice beach illuminated by the sunset and dyed red.
A very stylish one with exquisite gradation.

(Oh, good venice. I want to go.)

This time, we also combine other USED items currently in the store
While keeping it in the same price range as the new complete car body
I tried to make it a custom of eyes.
(If this custom is new, it will be ¥ 305,000.)

Handle /USED NITTO B809 Riser Bar ¥ 5,900 (Intax)

Grip / Sunday Corner Stone ¥ 1,430 (Intax)

The handle is chosen red according to the frame design.
The "little custom" that you play in such a place does not really need to be expensive.

Still, it is a good thing about customs that you can create your personality firmly.

Tire / Vittoria Zaffiro Pro ¥ 3,080 (Intax)
Valve Cap / Runwell Valve Ring ¥ 770 (Intax)

Vittoria boasts a reasonable price for tires
Choose Zaffiro Pro, which sells "Graphen 2.0 Compound" with high reliability.

This seems to be quite good, and the feeling that it will be a new standard for low -priced tires at the Kichijoji store.

The valve cap is also added to a little custom to create a small commitment.

Before and after wheels in this custom.

Both are used products, and the state and combination are quite nice.

First, the hub is Dura-ACE, the strongest class of Cospa.

And the rim is also AT-25 Arche Type, which emphasizes cospa.

The price is ¥ 22,560 at the front desk (Intax)
The rear is ¥ 23,150 (Intax).

The AT-25 is slightly rubbed on the rim surface
Others seem to have no noticeable scratches and do not use it at all.
It is relatively light and strong.
Above all, it looks simple and cool.

Speaking of DURA-ACE hubs, bicycle racing players
It looks plain, but it turns "dramatically" compared to those hubs.
Moreover, it is a very popular product that can maintain bearing as many times as many times.

This is USED,
Moreover, it is quite rare to enter with the front and rear set.
Please take this opportunity to aim for it.

"To the sea."

Sufficient specifications to sweat with that momentum
One that combines a roughness that you can enjoy relaxing while watching the beautiful sunset.

Please consider it for the coming summer.


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