You may have such a taste.

There were too many mosquitoes and I started mosquito coils.

Apparently, the inside of the store seems to smoke in the future, but please be sorry, Miya.

Well, today
Check out the custom bike of Leader®︎angelino! !

Leader Angelino PTG Custom Bike ¥ 238,000 (with tax)

Inspired by the pale coloring of the new color champagne gold
It is a custom played in color.

¥ 1,980 (with tax)

After all this is indispensable for such a color custom.

“Cheap & Pop”

OURY GRIP has a catchy impression that does not stick a shoulder and elbow
Perfect for dressing up your car.

Sella Italia Turbo 1980 ¥ 10,340 (with tax)

This custom was lost in the saddle until the end
"Yes, were you?"
So I installed Serita's turbo.

With moderate classic impressions
The luxury of leather.

An exquisite balance that creates a good contrast with the grip.

Thomson Elite X4 STEM SILVER ¥ 12,100 (with tax)

VENO SETINRISERBAR ¥ 3,630 (with tax)

I just played with this color
The remaining parts are simple.

I was thrilled to add silver to the gold
Surprisingly nice.

The same as fashion, and if you bring a strong color to the edge, it will tighten.

H Plus Son AT-25 × CYCROC HUB
Front ¥ 17,820 (with tax)
Rear ¥ 17,820 (with tax)

Set this wheel firmly on the front and rear wheels.

It's aluminum rim, so it's not really light

GOOD YEAR EAGLE F1 Super Sport ¥ 8,030 (with tax)

So this.

A light flyweight champion who cuts below 200g.
Especially for the front wheels, I strongly recommend it.

Want to make your body lighter?
Rather than wearing carbon wheels
It's faster to change to this tire.

Above, for the best Angelino in powerful.
Modified color custom
What a quaint one.

Why don't you use it as a reference for your own car custom.


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