Let's stop longing only today

Hello everyone.

It is GORI of BROTURES Harajuku!

No, it's been a hot time, so few people may read the title of today's blog. smile

That's exactly the person who is aware.

The WBC Finals are the words that Otani released to his teammates in the locker room of the Japanese national team before the war against the United States.

"Let's quit longing, I can't go beyond if I long for it."

In this WBC champion, Otani, who pulled the team not only in play but also in words, would definitely need to be necessary!

I'm talking about the WBC, which has passed a little after the boom, but in fact, I want to tell you. 。 。 。

"Let's quit longing, I can't go beyond if I long for it!" (GORI version)

What are you longing for? ?

It's for Dosnoventa components! Strictly speaking, it is a DOS comic custom that is customizing the DOSNNOVENTA frame! smile

Dosnoventa is the most popular brand in BROTURES.

The first brand of Spain has a dedicated rider in each country, and the riding videos and photos they send are so cool that everyone is enviable.

Because all of them are specifications that combine the Dosnoventa component to each Dosnoventa frame

Just watching videos and photos, you will be drawn into the world view.

It is such a longing part and frame, but let's quit what you long for today! I can't exceed the longing! smile

Let's introduce the components to go beyond the longing DOSNOVENTA rider!

Entry No.1 Drop Bar & Frat Bar

DSNV@101 Drop Bar ¥ 25,410-Tax included

DSNV@102 Frat Bar ¥ 23,100-Tax included

The first introduction is the handle.

From DOSNOVENTA, there are two types of handles that use carbon materials and have excellent shock absorption performance.

The DROP handle can realize that you can run through the city dashingly, and for the Frat handle, it is recommended to run in a relaxed posture with the power of your shoulders.

Personally, I think it's better for the FRAT handle to run more when running in Tokyo where there are many slopes, etc.

By the way, while the carbon material handle is usually more than 30,000 yen, the two types introduced this time are 30,000 yen or less, which is especially recommended when viewed in carbon parts. To do!

Entry No.2 STEM

Dsnv@ 103 STEM ¥ 7,700-tax included

Next to the handle is, of course, stem!

The handle introduced earlier is a carbon, but the stem is an aluminum material.

Even though it is an aluminum material, the stem that has been shaved is surprisingly lightweight.

The length is 100mm and the angle is+-6 degrees, so the dosnoventa creates a stylish atmosphere that creates Dosnoventa is scattered everywhere!

It's the best match stem in both Frat and DROP, so if you do a handle custom, it's smart to set the stem.

Entry No.3 SEAT POST

DSNV@105 SEAT POST ¥ 15,510-Tax included

The next introduction is a seat post that supports the body during the ride.

From Dosnoventa, we also have a lineup of seat posts following the handle and stem.

This is a lightweight carbon seat post using carbon material like the handle, so the burden on the ass when riding is greatly reduced.

Until recently, I did not use the carbon seat post myself, but the carbon seat post is very comfortable!

By the way, this seat post is cheaper than conventional carbon products following the handle, so it is a recommended dish!

Entry No.4 Wheel

Dsnv@106 Carbon WHEEL SET ¥ 162,250-Tax included

DOSNOVENTA not only for handle, stem, seat post, but also carbon wheels.

The rim hats are 60mm, the best match silhouette when driving in the street scene.

Of course, it has a reputation for rotation performance, so it is definitely a great custom for the grade up of the body!

Entry No.5 Crank

Rotor Vegast Track Crank Set ¥ 75,900-Tax included

The last longing part is Rotor Vegast, a direct crank that everyone envy!

This is not the original component part of Dosnoventa, but it is a popular direct crank used by Dosnoventa riders!

ROTOR VEGAST, an ultra -light direct crank that is cut out aluminum, is the finest crank that is diverse in the race scene.

It is a popular crank, which has a high usage rate among BROTURES staff, but once you row, the charm of this guy should be clearly transmitted.

It is surprisingly easy to row, and you can feel the solid hardness unique to aluminum.

You will feel the difference when you continue to step on the slope!

Although it was a very rushed introduction, today we have introduced the longing parts used by DOSNOVENTA riders!

As the title suggests, why don't you stop longing only today and get excellent parts? ? ?

All parts introduced are available at the store, so if you are interested, please contact us!


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