Piste bike to give you tall

Did you know that the piste bikes are the same as clothes and sneakers?

Regarding the frame to be completely made to order, such as NJS,

You can create a frame that sticks to the details, such as the length of your arm, the length of the foot, etc.,

The vehicle of Leader® and Dosnoventa, which we sell at BROTURES Harajuku

Basically, it is developed in familiar sizes such as S, M, L.

Depending on the brand and shape, the size is often different in the same size notation.

In particular, the brand Dosnoventa is designed to be 290, as the name suggests.

The size is larger than other brands, and even if you turn into the curve while pedaling,

One feature is that no pedals hit the ground.


This time from Dosnoventa, which is characterized by the size of the body

Here are some recommended vehicles for you, especially for you.

DOSNOVENTA BARCELONA Frame Set ¥ 220,000-Tax included

DOSNOVENTA BARCELONA DSNV®︎106 Wheel Custom ¥ 478,390-tax included

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The recommended frame for tall people introduced this time is the only chromoly material of Dosnoventa.

Barcelona is popular with slender and beautiful frame shape.

Speaking of DOSNOVENTA, place names around the world, such as Los Angels, Detoroit, and Tokyo,

Barcelona is the home of Dosnoventa and the roots place name is included in the model name.

Therefore, the brand itself has a strong feeling for the frame, and regarding the chromoly used,

It adopts a model called Columbus SPIRIT, making it an ultra -thin, high -strength chromoly frame.

Originally, the neck was that there was a weight of chromoly frames, but

Barcelona is a chromoly frame with outstanding light weight, so it seems to be a chromoly with a unique stickiness.

You can enjoy both speed and speed to accelerate to top speed.


DSNV®︎106 Wheel Set ¥ 162,250-Tax included

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In order to take advantage of the slender and beautiful frame, it was set up on the wheels around this time.

Of course, the wheel set of the Dosnoventa original component.

The carbon material unique to carbon material, the weight of the body is dieted to achieve a comfortable acceleration.

Unlike baton wheels, it is a 60mm rimhaite wheel, so you can drive comfortably without receiving crosswinds in the city.

Because of the carbon material, it also has a solid shock absorption performance.


This time, only the last one is LSIZE.

The original production number is very small, and it is a model that many people are looking for, so

Inquiries from a tall customer who can ride this car body,

We look forward to your heart.

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