Drove the wilderness

Risotto can be easily made at home.

Apparently, it is a surprising first experience to fry raw rice. This is Miya.

By the way, today is the annual customer bike check.

LEADER®︎ Angelino PTG COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 143,000 (Tax IN)

This time from the Brotures signboard brand, Leader®︎
We ordered the only steel frame "Angelino" among the current models.

Although it is "steel = chromoly", the frame that sets it apart from that of the low -cost brand.
Cut -out of the seat tube that reflects the leader gene on the custom -made large aero tube.
In addition, it is a masterpiece frame full of unique charms, such as a sharp -front down pashute design.

So, this time, based on this Angelino Complete Body
Such a custom was completed.

Leader Angelino PTG Custom Bike ¥ 204,500 (Tax IN)

It is like this.

It's hard to understand what has changed with this photo, so
Let's check the custom part immediately.

Ritchey Comp 2x Bar ¥ 5,280 (Tax in)

RITCHEY COMP 2X, which has a better operability than standard riser bars.
Provides outstanding stability in the rough road surface of steps and paved.

Thomson Elite X4 STEM ¥ 12,100 (Tax IN)

The stem is THOMSON X4 with ± 10 °.

I usually get on the front down, but by turning up
Pashute strong Angelino is rebuilded in an easy -to -ride and upright position.

Continental Cross King CX ¥ 8,250 (TAX IN)

This custom's favorite part of the custom, "Cross King CX".

* CX = cyclocross
An off -road bicycle competition or a model for its competition.

It is a custom unique to Angelino with a wide clearance, and the size is 32c.
The difference is obviously "thick" compared to other fixes that can only be worn up to 28c.

This large block pattern is simple and cool.

In addition to the good appearance, the original "nano -carbon particles" are developed.
It achieves both high grip and low wear resistance, and supports tough rides firmly.

YNOT Pedal Strap Standard ¥ 7,480 (TAX IN)

Mks Allways ¥ 7,480 (Tax in)

Finally, the high -performance pedal of Brotures iron plate that was restocked the other day, "MKS Allway"
The strap is a monotone coordination that combines YNOT plain.

That's why this Angelino is not only on the streets
Boldly challenge dirty fields such as "gravel roads" and "mud roads" that have been shunned so far.
It has been reborn as an extension specification that pushes the rider's limit.

A wild custom reminiscent of a grizzly that pushes without a rough wilderness.

"If you want to go off -road, it's not a fix,"
It seems that you can hear the voice,

It's interesting because this is a fix.


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