The ultimate hobby of fixes.

No way Kishida -san! ! !

Apparently, the facts are strange than a novel. This is Miya.

By the way, today we are checking the customer bike.


NY has created a workshop in Brooklyn and has produced many high -quality frames and cycle parts
Brooklyn Machine Works, Commonly known as "BMW"

And this "GANGSTA" is a rare design frame that goes between the fixie bike and BMX.

Not only that it is easy to ride with a sloping shape
"USA = robust" never betray such an easy image,
It is also attractive to have excellent durability that can withstand hard tricks.

The owner of this body to introduce today,
I'm a customer who has been using BROTURES for a long time.
Nice to meet you this time.

The trigger was from one phone call.

"I got a Paul crank, so I would like to buy BB and ask for installation."

Personally, I can see that crank of Paul after a long time.
I thought, but I was surprised to see it.
It was not a crank.
What's this car body.

First, around the handle.

A strangely shaped stem that has never been seen.

S & M's Red Nex Tem.
The stem itself is also quite rare, and EBAY is a fairly expensive thing that is traded in 30,000 or something.

And boldly,
He asked a metal processor who he knew to cut it into this fire pattern.

Apparently, this stem alone exceeds 100,000 yen.
Not odd.

The original processing is not limited to the body,
With the owner's idea that I personally love Hawaii, the panel part
The "H" logo, the trademark of "Hawaii University", is engraved.
In this area, I lose my words with a beautiful finish enough to sigh. (Cutting fetish)


Paul Love Lever Compact ¥ 30,800 (Tax IN)

Paul's love lever that creates the finest brake touch that will never be released once you use it

Full of highlights, such as real and roux that excites the rugged impression.
* According to it, it seems to be "roasted by yourself."

It still continues.
The commitment to the cockpit is also out of the ordinary. (In a good way)

This native pattern saddle that stimulates the man's heart violently
You know BROOKS.
A limited model of 2017, a model called "Swift X Vans Vault Edition" that collaborated with that VANS.

Production of limited to 1866 pieces in line with BROOKS's founding year. (want)

Of course, the seat post, "That's it!"
A brand choice that can only be said.

Speaking of which, BMW is also good at aluminum cutting (I also make stem in -house!)
The genuine seat clamp you look at while thinking is still a wonderful beauty.

Finally, today's protagonist,

Paul "100% Pure Road Crank"

An inscription product that is far beyond the area of ​​"meat -removing" and has reached the area of ​​art.

Of course, not only the appearance, but also the accuracy of the chain ring was very good.

This time, the cog was also new to the crank custom.


The front 48t ÷ 18t = gear ratio is 2.66, which is a relatively light gear ratio.

HubDura-ACIt seems that it is more comfortable to ride than the actual gear.

However, if this is the case, the hub will be Paul, but the hub will be Paul.

Continental GATOR SKIN ¥ 7,150 (Tax in)

Needless to say, the tires are gator skin.

As an aside, GANGSTA can be worn even with tire size around 30c, so
It is also a recommended frame for those who want to wear thick tires with fixes.

And finally,

Paul Mini Moto Brake ¥ 27,280 (Tax IN)

A minimoto brake that gives off the power of blowing off the concept of "brake = dirty" at a glance.
With such a presence, you will want to review even brakes that are often evil.

That's why Miya's poor vocabulary has finally reached its limit.

Once again, it's great to make a piste bike a hobby. This motorcycle check was realized.
It was one of the dreams packed with overflowing passion and commitment.

Miya is also, but everyone who has a custom desire to see this,
Please come to the store when the typhoon is over.
We'll be expecting you.


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