[BROTURES Kichijoji] 2024 business start! !

Speaking of which, this year, Santa came to the Kichijoji store and gave me an Amadana calculator.
This is really fashionable.
It is good that the dial is English, and the key is a menblene type and a PC -like operation.
Inspired, I purchased a Rhodia hard cover.
I like to enter from the form, soNow you can get into your work.


Apparently, I say loud voice.
Regardless of the calculator, about Rhodia"I'm happy to buy !!"This is Miya.


So everyone

Happy New Year!

Looking back on 2023, it was a very turbulent year.
There are CMWC on the way.

Rider's spirit, audience's heat, unique motorcycles lined up in bicycle parking lots.
It was two days overwhelmed by all of them.
The world is wide.
Once again, I realized that Messenger Culture, which includes a piste bike, is so hot.
I've been shooting almost for two days, so I was sorry that I couldn't meet the people who came to the booth.


The story changes a little ...

The BROTURES Kichijoji store opened here in Kichijoji Kita -cho in 2014, celebrating its 9th anniversary in December 2023. It was an exquisite year, so I didn't do any events.
2024 will reach the 10th anniversary milestone, so I want to quit and do something like an event.

Speaking of the staff, Matsu -chan (thumbnail right) has been around for 9 years since it has been open, and is one of the oldest members of Brotures. Super carrier.
I'm so experienced, so I just rely on it.
If you are reading this, please consult with Matsu -chan if there is anything.
Three years have passed since I joined Broturs. (Thumbnail center)
Management, photography, and work are still immature, but this year I have the feeling that it will be the most leap year in my career. Please support.
The kick has finally been joined for one year. (Samnail left)
It's just me and Matsu -chan, but the kick is serious and I'm missing one of the new graduates in 2023. It's an incredibly interesting guy.
In 2023, I laughed so much that all dates ended up misfiring.
When you come to the store, please do it around.

With this, Kichijoji store is open with these three people.
It is the most unmatched person in BROTURES, so there are many inconveniences, such as having a store holiday every other week, but there are many inconveniences. (Habit) I believe that there is something that can be delivered only because of these three people.
It is often said that it is difficult to enter, but the staff is always smiling and waiting for everyone, so I hope you will be favored in 2024.

By the way, it has become quite long so far, but here is the reminder of the first sale in 2024.
BROTURES will start regular business from 1/2 12:00.

There are plenty of events, such as blessing, novelty distribution, and novelty distribution, but this year is also amazing.

Click here for details.

The first sale in 2024 is up to 100%off! ?

In summary,

(1) ALL10%OFF will be OFF, except for only a small amount of items in the store!
By the way, the USED frame parts of the Kichijoji store are of course eligible! !
(DSNV, e-bike is not eligible.)

② Up to 100%OFF depending on the result of the fortune -telling at the time of accounting !!
Those who have bought jumbo at the end of the year (I) or those who have not hit are still lucky. surely.

③ Limited TEE sales.
A simple and easy -to -use limited T -shirt.
You can only get it for the first time, and the price is considerably reduced, so please buy it.

④ Super garage sale
This means that each store selected the products and the off rate are different.
I think it would be interesting to try three stores in the Kanto area.

⑤ Sticker distribution.
We offer popular original reflector stickers as buyers benefits.
This year at Meiji JinguPlease give me a prayer for traffic safety, so please get it!

The above is the outline of the first sale performed at all stores.

And at the BROTURES Kichijoji store, it is independentFurthermoreWe have prepared a project! !

Click here for details.

[BROTURES Kichijoji] 2024 First Sale Planning University Released !!

This is also like this.

(1) All Leader®︎ and Tyrant Bikes completed cars in the store can be delivered on the same day.
This is really dangerous. Zero delivery date. (Please give me a pedal time.)
After all, I want to get back immediately after paying if I can. I think this is the nature of people.
Amazon's delivery is very helpful.

② All Leader used cars in the store can be delivered on the same day.
This was not very ready, but I managed to get the mechanic to be full operation.
And ...

During the first sale period, we will hold a stock cleaning SALE! !
Leader used finished cars will be offered at a special price outside the income.

The SALE price of each model is as follows.

USED ​​LEADER 721TR → 77,000- (TAX IN)! !
USED ​​LEADER THE CURE → 77,000- (TAX IN)! !
USED ​​LEADER 725TR → 88,000- (TAX IN)! !
USED ​​LEADER 735TR → 99,000- (TAX IN)! !

This price is regardless of the condition or rare.
There are rare colors that do not usually develop, so I would like you to come first 12:00 if possible! ! ! !

Used frames and wheels are also super garage sale! !
In stock used frames and used wheelsMAX70%OFFIt will be released in a large way.
(It still looks like a phantom, but there are used frames that can be bought for less than 10,000 yen. Waya !!)

* The kick followed me on a blog, but "Waya!" Is a nuance like "Yabena!"


So, as expected, there are places where I can't catch up with my head because the content is too dense.From 1/2 ~, I want you to keep your wallet loose.
 (I meet here and if I don't buy it, I'll definitely regret it!)

We hope that you can cut the start of 2024 comfortably with a fixie bike.

Then all the staff are looking forward to your visit! !


1-1-2 Kichijoji Kitamachi, Musashino City, Tokyo MAP
Weekdays/12:00~18:00 (no regular holidays) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays/10:00~18:00