[BROTURES Kichijoji] Only the last day of...

A large amount of radish was sent from the relatives who are in the field, so I split one by one in Matsu -chan.
Matsu -chan is not worried because she likes cooking, but the kick's house has no grated radish, and there is only a small pot to stew, so I am very worried that it can be cooked properly.
By the way, it seems that it is shredded and salad. (Only radish)

Please tell me the pleasure of eating. This is Miya.

Well today! ! ! !


204 The first sale is finally the last day ...! ! Special sale items are available! !


So, tomorrow Monday, the first sale of BROTURES 2024 will celebrate the last day.

The highlight of the Kichijoji store, the “LEADER used completed car same -day delivery campaign” was also very popular, and many used vehicles have traveled to this day.

Nevertheless, the high -end USED frames, including this used finished car, and the high -end USED frames that are significantly discounted on the garage sale, are still in stock, so those who were worried but couldn't go, last tomorrow. Please come to the store on the day!

Here is the main issue.
At the Kichijoji storeOnly for the last day of tomorrow's first sale
Expand the target products of the garage sale! !

I will say it.

Tomorrow's highlight is "hand -assembled wheels"! !

Today, I will show you a hand -assembled wheel that will be SALE price only tomorrow.
Below, please do not miss it!



Front / ¥ 67,870- (Tax in) →¥ 54,296- (Tax in) !!
Rear / 73,370- (Tax in) →¥ 58,696- (Tax in) !!
F / R set / ¥ 141,240- (Tax in) → 112,992- (Tax in) !!


A combination of BROTURES's original and rugged aluminum rim wiver and PHILWOOD hub, one of the most popular in the industry.

The point is a special way to "twist" the spokes of the Moranbon group in the wheels that I have introduced on YouTube before.
Not only the impact of the appearance, but also the intensity of the same combination is higher than that of the normal way of assembling the same combination, and it is a great attraction that it can be used for a long time.


Velo City Deep-V × Philwood High Flange Track Hub Custom Wheel 

Front / ¥ 61,270- (Tax in) →¥ 49,016 \-(Tax in) !!
Rear / ¥ 77,770- (Tax in) →¥ 62,210- (Tax in) !!
F / R set / ¥ 139,040- (Tax in) → ¥ 111,232- (Tax in) !!

Aluminum rim, Velo City Deep-V, which is a "Made in USA.", And a Philwood hub that is not silent.

Perhaps it is the wheel set that has the most godly shine in the stock wheels of Kichijoji store.

The presence of 30mm, exquisite rim hats that are not too shallow or too expensive. It is finished in a dignified appearance while assuming a hard -working environment.


Easton R90SL x Philwood Low Flange Track Hub Custom Wheel 

Front / ¥ 71,170-(Tax in) →¥ 56,936- (Tax in) !!

The ultimate tag of the PHILWOOD hub that is highly evaluated and highly evaluated among many aluminum rims.

CNC processing is applied to the brake surface, and the lever can be drawn as much as possible without worrying about the wear of the rim. It's very stress -free and it's actually very important.
It has an atmosphere compared to others, but it is a worthwhile one for the old rider like an old friend for the rider of the past.


There are still a lot of wheels I want to introduce, but it's boring to show everything, so today.


By the way, the first -time Fukui project that requires attention for the first sale is that the Kichijoji store has not yet appeared (100% OFF)! ! (All 50%OFF has come out.)
Nevertheless, this Fukubiki has no loss, and at least all in -store products will be 10%off, so if you haven't sold it for the first time, please come and try your luck tomorrow!




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