We have special instant delivery cars.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

The business within the year is 3 days later!

On the last weekend, customs and repair may be kept depending on the content, so please come with plenty of time!

I would like to do immediate delivery information at the end of 2022.

This time, I will pick a special custom instant delivery only for the Osaka store and introduce it.

It would be great if you could see this and get a pin on the last weekend.

Engine11 CRIT-D "Deluxe Cycle" Edition Custom Compete Bike

SSIZE ¥ 220,000-INTAX

ENGINE11's popular frame CRIT-D brand collaboration model.

As the name suggests, this frame, designed for criterium, etc., is good at quick operation.

This frame is a frame that can be enjoyed by beginners to experts, as they often bend in the city.

The frame is 6061 aluminum and the fork is a full carbon, so it is a fairly lightweight frame.

Furthermore, the specifications there are high because the headset is a pressure type. It is a pretty good cospa frame.

AFFINITY Metropolitan Custom Compete Bike

MSIZE ¥ 248,000-INTAX

A model that designed a slender chromoly as a motif of Japanese bicycle racing, and has added various essence to suit New Yorkers.

A brake pedestal is available so that it can be used on public roads, and the top tube has a hose that stores brake wires.

The tire clearance that supports up to 35C has now been able to customize a wider range.

The size is M size, and the appropriate height is 175cm to 183cm.

It is a custom instant delivery car assembled with all silver parts.

Local Bikes Metro Custom Compilete Bike

SSIZE ¥ 155,000-INTAX

This is a special instant delivery car based on METRO, which is prepared as a completed car.

The parts configuration is unified with silver parts like the previous Metropolitan. A classic appearance that suits slender.

METRO is a model that can start with a start of ¥ 74,800-INTAX, but the parts are still inexpensive.

In short, the entry -finished car that feels like it will be customized. That's why it evolves greatly with parts updates.

The custom of wheels and headsets, which are important for the fix, so you can ride with confidence for a long time.

I'm excited if all of these can be returned on the day they bought.

We are assembled with parts that can be used for tough ways, so you can enjoy a fixie bike with confidence.

Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, our business will end this year, so we look forward to your last weekend.

It was a special same -day car body information that can be delivered on the same day.


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