I don't want you to end your longing with...

Hello, this is Kazu.

New colors such as La.detroit from DOSNOVENTA are available, and the colors and sizes that can be selected are quite limited with many orders.
Even if you contact us, there is no desired color or size, and those who give up.
So those who are even more sized do not want to miss the opportunity to have a frame!

This time, I will write about Detroit while listing custom examples!
Detroit is the most aggressive frame in the Dosnoventa lineup
The lightweight aluminum and top tubes are characterized by the front and downs.
Therefore, you want to make an aggressive direction inadvertently looks and riding.

DOSNOVENTA Detroit Frame Set \ 174,900-INTAX
The color lineup
Two colors, Jet Black and Desert Yellow.
In both cases, you should look at the actual car, especially in YELLOW, with a color wearing a dosnoventa -like aura.
Black is quite easy to use custom concept, and there are many examples, so I think it's easy to assemble.
Yellow is not quite a color with other frames, and it seems to be difficult to compose parts.
However, for the person who is simply black,
You can also put together a good feeling. Refer to the photo below!

First from JET BLACK!

NextDesert Yellow!

How about.
The color custom will fit well even in yellow!
Please refer to it!


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