Wheels that update every day

I made a good wheel.
A custom wheel using the rim and hub of the rim maker Velocity, which has supported the pisto culture.

Velocity Quil x Velocity Track Hub Custom Wheel

Nowadays, there are few good aluminum rim options.
If I recommend a custom wheel now, I recommend this rim.

Velocity QUIL ¥ 15,950-

This rim called Quil is the most successful A23 evolution system in the Velocity rim.
By applying the manufacturing technology cultivated in the development of Aileron, it has become a wider and higher rigidity finish.

Not only accuracy, but also the welding technology of the joints was wonderful, and I got the impression that it was very obedient and easy to assemble.
The hub was combined with the rim and brand.
If it's normal, it's up to you, but daily use has no excess and a reasonable choice.

Velocity Track Hub

The riding comfort is a wide -rigid design, and it is a wide profile design, so it may be better to balance one size thicker than usual.

It is so lightweight and reasonable.
A wheel that can easily update your running.


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