A stylish life begins on the day you buy it.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

Why are the fixes chosen? There must be a reason for each.

Vising speed and comfort for commuting, seeking a unique riding taste of fixed gears to go to the competition.

But isn't it visual after all?

I think it's a pisto that looks fashionable in sports bikes.

I don't have any other genres, but it's probably a fabric that makes everyday life fashionable.

Simple making without gears can be finished in both classic and sporty.

Today I would like to introduce one that will update such everyday life.

And today's guy is an instant delivery car that can be returned on the day you buy.

The habit of ordering will be a higher life. Let's take a look.

AFFINITY Metropolitan Custom Custom COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 248,000-INTAX

New York is the Japan Respect Frame "Metropolitan" released by a motorcycle chop born in Brooklyn

The slender chromoly is designed as a motif of Japanese bicycle racing, and it will be a model that has been added to various essence to suit New Yorkers.

A brake pedestal is available so that it can be used on public roads, and the top tube has a hose that stores brake wires.

Thanks to this, the looks will be a beautiful finish without impaired.

A significant update has entered the frame from the 2022 model, and the headset has changed from 1 inch to general-purpose 1-1/8.

In addition, the tire clearance supports up to 35C and can be used in more diverse environments than ever.

The seat tube is still equipped with a dowel hole with a drink holder.

This time, the color of film grain black was composed of silver parts.

The size is M size, and the appropriate height is 175cm to 183cm.

The frame is outstanding, and the looks are finished in a way that makes you want to run through the city lightly.

The wheels select the GRANCOMPE complete wheels before and after. It becomes a well -turned wheel.

GRANCOMPE is a super -classic item that has been selected since the first piste boom era.

Nowadays, there are fewer options, but at that time various colors were being developed and everyone was giving individuality.

Bearing will be a hub that can be used semi -permanently because it will turn around if the play comes out again.

The crank has a classic RMC crank.

This crank is about 20,000 yen including BB, but the PCD of the chain ring is 144 so that you can attach a good chain ring.

The initial equipment is 46t, so it is a rowing feeling of a town ride 2.88 with 16T. It's a classic gear ratio that can run easily.

Assemble affordable parts around the handle and saddle.

It is easy to ride because it is a slightly high rising handle. It is a 25.4 size riser bar according to the frame.

It's strange that just making it silver can be a classic.

It is like this. How was it.

I've been a favorite frame for a long time, and I've wanted more in this update.

The composition of the parts is easier, and all the parts I have. I wonder if I will replace it.

This is a limited one unit, so if you are interested, please consult us as soon as possible.

By the way, if you purchase this this time with a motorcycle loan 24 times, it will look like this.

The hurdle may drop considerably because you can ride for about 10,000 yen every month.

If you want to make every day a little better, I think the vehicle is one hand.

It's such a one that raises your heavy waist.


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