Brotures Original Rim "WIVER" CRAFT POLIS...

I'm Fujimoto.
I will also introduce one new product.


An aluminum rim called WIVER, which is released as an original product on BROTURES.

This is a rim that makes it a good idea to have myself, and this WIVER was released in April this year.

I am glad that customers have gradually increased their orders using WIVER from the release.

Until now, only all black was a lineup, but this time I made a new Polish.

This Polish rim was not something that could be made smoothly, but it took time.

Polish rims have been released by other manufacturers so far, and it's not a big deal. You may think.

However, in recent years, all silver parts on bicycle parts have been discontinued because they have been discontinued.

And when it comes to polishing like Polish, it is gone.

I think the reason is various, but oneSdgsIs related.

In overseas factories, you can make silver alumite products, but products that are said to be polished for polishing due to environmental issues are not made.

That's exactly what we asked for WIVER, and we couldn't make polish at the factory there.

However, unlike silver alumite, I made it because it is a cool and cool, and it is a piste custom option.

We asked a craftsman in Osaka where we live.

This polish is a product that has been carefully finished one by one by asking a craftsman who polishes.

I don't know how much the image is transmitted, but I want you to take the actual thing. It's glaring with a very beautiful finish. I think that the finish at the boundary between the brake surface and the part that is not so can be conveyed.

I hope that the polished rim that is getting more and more will be used as a new option.

However, I don't know if I can make it in the future,Limited productionPlease think.

The number of pieces made this time is 40.


Rim Spec

・ Rim height: 26mm

・ Rim width: 24mm

・ Rim weight: 455g

・ Number of holes: 32H

・ Standards: 700C TL (tubeless clinch)

·price:¥ 17,050- (Intax)

The above is the price and specifications.

The price is different from the normal model, but it is a recommended rim with the work of craftsmen.

I wrote it on the release blog of WIVER, but I will post it because it is my thoughts.

I hope that this rim can propose a convenient wheel to many people.

Even if you don't run fast, you can feel comfortable riding comfortably, and you can use it in everyday life, or you can get the streets skip with a crisp and crunchy specification. I want you to use it for the race.

It may be exaggerated, but I think that if it becomes a piece that can expand the custom width by increasing the number of rims, it will be more enjoyable.

By all means, please look at the real thing at Brotures near you.

We are also waiting for order of hand -assembled wheels.

Released on Saturday, December 10, 2022from.

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