If you enjoy it, it's black!

Hello everyone, this is GORI who wholesaled the new Dickes 874 Black today.

No, the new 874 is very good. I like the crisp fabric feeling, and when I wear it, I feel that my spine stretches naturally and I like it.

Polyester 65% cotton 35% royal road work pants are their favorite pants that always wear private and private.

Whether it's clothes, a piste, or a mate, BLACK is easy to match with any object and is easy to use everyday.

This time, such a popular Black color has just arrived the other day, and Mate City has been customized like Brotures, so I will introduce it immediately!


Mate City completed car ¥ 275,000-tax included

Mate City BMX handle custom ¥ 328,350-tax included

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This time, based on Mate City, which was rarely customized at the Harajuku store.

Both men and women are easy to ride and customized BMX handles!

To be honest, the genuine appearance of Mate City is that the tires become thinner, so I can not deny the feeling of being too city -riding specification, so if it is a custom like this, it will add to the street, so the run and looks are ◎!

It is a lower position than a genuine handlebar, so you can get on a rough posture without your shoulders.

With this attitude, I guess any long -distance ride can be done without difficulty.


In addition to the handle, we are actually custom -made, so I'll show you that too.

DMR Vault Pedal Lacon V2 ¥ 23,100-Tax included

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Fizik ARGO TERRA X3 KIUM Rail ¥ 16,720-Tax included

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There are two types of customs, pedals and saddles, other than around the handle.

As with the fix, this is surprisingly important to drive comfortably.

The pedal, which is standard on Mate, can be folded and is very convenient when storing.

However, if you want ease of running, there are many screws like DMR, and you can eat sneakers. 。

The saddle has choosing a trusted brand FIZIK, which is used by many piste bikes.

It may be a little difficult to convey in this saddle photo, but since the seamless processing is applied to the center of the saddle, it also reduces the unpleasant stuffy buttocks.

Mate X and City saddles are thick and have a sense of stability, but some people are thinner and stylish.

If you are not satisfied with the current sitting comfort, I would like you to try a Fizik saddle once.


This time, I created a custom vehicle with the long -awaited restock, the BLACK of the Mate City, which adds a BROTURES -like body to the base vehicle.

In Mate X, which has a thick tire, it may be difficult to use a bicycle parking lot, or it may be difficult to use it with your important partner because the size is too large.

With the same specifications with the Mate City, you can solve either troubles, so how about Mate City?

The Mate City introduced this time is on display at the store, so we look forward to your visit.



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