Leader721 Back in Stock !!

The rise in electricity bills and energy resources has become a bit exaggerated.

I think it's time for everyone to save money in this time when prices continue to rise.

I want to move as much gasoline as possible, electricity, and without relying on energy resources. So we will continue to recommend a fixie bike.

By the way, soaring resources also affect bicycles. The price of motorcycles has risen due to soaring materials such as aluminum, and it seems that the motorcycle that can be called "cospa" is decreasing.

Nevertheless, I want to have a brand with a brand and a high -quality bike as much as possible.

Leader 721 offers a reasonable quality as an entry model.

It has arrived from the other day, so please come for a new life in the future! !


As it is a potential motorcycle, please dye it in your own color, as you want to do in a custom way you want to ride.

You may think that you can customize while saying saving at the beginning. Once you get on, you will probably request a custom spontaneously.

Street custom on the royal road is a future completed form.

It is good to have an impact and feel speedy running comfort.

With a crack, with a Pronard handle, it is more city -riding specification.

I also like that one that makes me enjoy the city riding comfortably.

Customs are ten people. Try out your color in future custom.

Leader721 arrived the other day. Don't miss this timing this time!

With a new life, Leader 721, it will surely enrich your life with you.


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