Released a high -performance tail light "...

A new taillite has been added to the original product of by Brotures.
The name is "backye".
Built -in high -precision sensor internal organs on a small aluminum body to detect vibration and speed.
It is a smart light that automatically lights, turns off, and switches to irradiation mode.

by Brotures "backyye"

・ Auto Wake Up & Sleep

Backeye can easily switch the lighting mode by manual and auto with the switch on the back side.
In auto mode, when the sensor detects vibration, it lights up automatically.
There is no need to press and hold the light switch when night ride to light up.
In addition, if you do not detect vibration for 45 seconds after getting off the bicycle, it will be automatically turned off, so you will be able to open from the worries of forgotten to turn off.


The acceleration sensor detects the braking during the ride, and the litness is emitted only for 3 seconds, and the subsequent vehicle is notified of the deceleration.
It helps prevent unexpected brakes and rear -end collisions in poor visibility.

・ Installable

Silicon mounting bands can be installed not only for seat posts but also in various parts of the frame.
In addition, since the mounting mount to the saddle rail is also included, it can be attached smartly to thick aero frames such as Leader.

・ WeatherProof

Backeye adopts the waterproof performance of IPX6 standard, so it is okay to receive a strong fountain from all directions.
Continue to show your existence around you to be hit by heavy rains that block your field of view.

・ Charge & Long Endurance

Charging only connects to Micro USB.
Eco -flash mode allows up to 33.5 hours of continuous irradiation.
It has light and battery capacity that can be used for long night rides in the suburbs with few streets.

It has been a convenient light that can be used for a long time without the need to light up, turn off.
If you can get the night ride safety easily and smartly, try Backeye.

Release starts from March 28, 2023.
You can seek from each BROTURES store or online store.