I visited "Watanabe" in Takada Baba.
Choose "Ajitama Chashumen" and "Added green onion".
It was a stunning ensemble with rich seafood pork bone soup and homemade middle -thick straight noodles.
It's scary.

It's Miya.

By the way, today I tried to assemble one using the recently arrived USED DSNV "Barcelona" frame.

USED ​​DSNV Barcelona Custom Bike ¥ 481,360 (Tax IN)

Gross clear finish in color that remains iron.

It is a simple and clean frame.

A chromoly material that makes you feel a traditional that does not fade in any era.
The old logo of DSNV is topped with a small "nostalgia".

DSNV®102 Flat Bar ¥ 23,100 (Tax IN)

A flat bar that creates a sharp impression of such a frame.

DSNV@103 STEM ¥ 8,470 (Tax in)


DSNV®105 SEATPOST ¥ 15,510 (Tax in)

Stem, saddle, and seat posts with excellent design are a gorgeous cast of Nolan movie Bali.

DSNV®106 Wheel Set ¥ 162,250 (Tax IN)

Virrotia Corsa G2.0 ¥ 7,590 (TAX IN)

DSNV®106 Wheel Set ¥ 162,250 (Tax IN)

For this custom, the frame is iron, the handle seat post wheel is carbon,
The saddle tires have cotton materials and various different materials living together.

Because the ability to demonstrate the material is different, the finish is just right for the right time.

It has been 7000 years since humanity learned cotton processing technology.
3500 years after getting iron production technology.
Both materials have become the cornerstone of human life since ancient times.
It still feels like a material that is far away from everyday life
Regarding carbon fiber (carbon), more than half a century has already passed since its birth.

I'm usually casually riding a car or plane,

To straddle this piste bike
I guess it will straddle the history of humanity itself.

The feeling that can be said to be the "feel of human history" is
Please try this one.


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