If you choose Angelino.

Hello everyone.

It is GORI of BROTURES Harajuku!

Immediately, do you already know Angelino's new color that suddenly appeared on Saturday last Saturday?

Speaking of Angelino, the era of RAW color 1 has been a long time, but the two new colors that have appeared this time may change that era at once!

The two colors full of such sensual sensations are like this.

・ Leader®︎Angelino Complete Bike Carmel Red ¥ 150,000 +Tax
Awakening Carmel Red is the motif of Carmel, a city with the most beautiful sunset in California.

・ Leader®︎Angelino COMPLETE BIKE MONTEREY Gray ¥ 150,000 +Tax

The bluish and deep gray MONTEREY Gray imagines Monterey, a famous whale watch in California.

And the two colors that appeared this time have a solid motif and image,

If you know the meaning, you will feel more attractive to the colors you care about.

Of the two colors that appeared this time, I personally recommend Carmel Red!

So, today, I wonder if I would like to introduce a custom car body of Carmel Red.

Leader Angelino Carmel Red Brotures Wheel Custom ¥ 372,680-Tax included

To be honest.

Personally, this Carmel Red is quite a bit!

Speaking of Angelino, the RAW color, which has an impressive baking processing with ruggedness, is extremely popular, but it is extremely popular.

I think that the appearance of Carmel Red will be dragged down from Angelino's popular color seats, so I think it is as attractive as expected.

In fact, red is a color that is more irritating in terms of color, but it has an impression that it is surprisingly easy to use when straddled.

I often wear only black for everyday clothes, so it goes well with clothes!

Also, when I customized Silver and Polish parts compared to RAW colors, I wonder if it will be a good atmosphere.

If you think about the color alone, it is an impression that it is too exciting to pick up, but it seems that it will be one that is easy to match with custom and clothes!

By the way, the color similar to this Carmel Red has appeared in the past as a Limited color of Tyrant Bikes Kagero!

According to the morning of the Harajuku store, the limited color at this time was completed immediately ...

This is a feeling that Angelno's Carmel Red is likely to disappear soon!

Next is the introduction of custom parts.



First of all, from the custom of the front wheel.

To avoid blurring the color of the component that is organized in Black as a whole

The wheel is set with front and rear carbon wheels.

Choose 3 batons on the front and 60mm height SHRED60 for the rear.

Muscle body carbon wheels that are often compatible with aluminum frames, but

Among the chromoly, it is outstanding with slightly thicker Angelino.

The biggest feature of T3 wheels is its lightness.

The weight of the front wheel is 870g, which is less than 1kg, which is greatly led to diets throughout the car.

The lighter front wheels will make the rowing very light, so a smooth rowing will be born.

For the rear wheel, the SHRED60 is dared to choose a modest carbon rim.

The height of Angelino itself is not so thick, so this is just right!

If the number of holes in the hub is available, it is interesting to replace the rear hub with RED in the future!


This time, we have introduced the Carmel Red, which appeared in Leader Angelino, which is the most recommended of the new color!

I feel that this Carmel Red is still full of charm, but I will try to form a custom again with Silver parts soon!

Speaking of Angelino, many people are riding a RAW color.

How about straddling a new color Red to make a cool difference with someone?

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