Ride on Earth, Ride on Pist.

It's cool to call Uber Eats "Uber Eater".
It looks like Soul Eater.

Good evening!
This is Miya.

Apparently new sales of cars running with gasoline
It seems to be banned by 2030.
The number of electric vehicles is increasing steadily
Will cars flying with drone technologies will be developing in earnest?

By the way, even if technology evolves like that
I need energy to move things, absolutely.
"How efficiently it works for the energy taken in."
Is a quantified thing is "energy efficiency".

I omit the difficult part and say from the conclusion
The energy efficiency of a bicycle is 5 times that of a car.

What is it?
It's ridiculously efficient.

In other words, a car with the same energy of gasoline
Compared by bicycle straddled by humans who consume the same calories
Bicycles have energy efficiency that can be moved to much farther
That means. In other words, it is a very good environment.

How good the environment is, the bicycle
Energy efficiency of hawks and tiers moving almost almost on the wind.
A bird to compete is a dimension that you don't know much about. smile
Anyway, it's so eco -friendly. A bicycle.

It is thanks to the environment that we are riding a bicycle every day.
50 degrees in summer, minus 50 degrees in winter
I don't think anyone will ride a bicycle.

Even if you don't say "thank you to the earth"
In the first place, riding a bicycle every day is a really good thing for the earth.
If you don't know, please know today.

I'm riding a bicycle
The bicycle is on the earth.
Such a thing today
Ride on Earth, Ride on Pist
Introducing an armor frame that makes you aware of what it is.

Dsnv Losangels Custom Bike ¥ 367,000 (Intax)

Farstrot in November last year was a phantom frame sold out in no time
It is GREEN CAMO of "La".

First of all, I would like to chose to make this color.
That much, other piste bikes, no, not in other bicycles
DOSNOVENTA original coloring.

It is Earthy.
Not Army.

Even though it is earth color
It has nothing to do with rigorousness and ruggedness that is common in military taste, etc.
Compact and minimal tastes.

It is a unique frame with a sophisticated and modern design.

This time, I tried to customize the LA exhibition car that praised such a modern charm.

Handles, stem, and seat posts are unified with DEDA.

DEDA ZERO100 handle ¥ 12,870 (intax)
DEDA ZERO100 Stem ¥ 10,560 (Intax)

DEDA SUPER SUPERLEGGERA Seat Post ¥ 23,420 (Intax)
Fabric Scoop Sports Saddle ¥ 4,950 (Intax)

The rim on both the front and rear wheels
H Plus Son SL-42
¥ 11,000 (+tax)

With a moderate presence that is not too high or too low
42mm height aerodynamics effect.
Effective, fashionable and functional rim.
The matte texture matches the frame.

The crank is also installed in the Leader735TR
Set Vision Track Crank ¥ 35,750 (Intax).
Direct crank, it is also a disc -shaped cutting -edge mechanical feeling.
NEW DSNV's design and good match.

moreover. A detailed detail that claims to be firmly claimed even if you wear each part like this.

Information on the front fork is full carbon

The chain stay has information such as tube standards and tire clearance
It is written as one of the frame design.
The high degree of perfection that does not feel particularly uncomfortable due to the good fit is excellent.

Such playfulness is
Up to the back of the seat tube that almost hides when the wheel is set.

The design is so casual.

What did you think
I'm taking a picture, it's good here, I want to take this one
This car body was stimulated by Bing Bing.

Unfortunately, personally
No matter how much you take, or process the photo itself,
The original color cannot be reproduced on the screen.

It changes the tone in various ways depending on the amount of light and the viewpoint, and it is exquisite color.
If possible, it was a strong body that I wanted to see the real thing.

Needless to say, this arrival is also very small.
Who is the one who straddles the Kichijoji store?
We look forward to your inquiry.

Then again!

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