GORI aims at 45mm F-RIM!

Hello everyone.

It is GORI of Harajuku store that appeared again!

F-rim, one of the Original products, which has been lifted to order from yesterday.

If you have recently delivered your fix, there should be many people who don't come to the pin even if they are said to be F-RIM.

Some of the people who have been delivered for about a few years are actually worried about F-RIM! How many people are there?

However, I want you to know more about F-RIM, first.HereCheck out the blog!




Did you read the F-RIM introduction blog? ?

I'm going to read it from here, so I'll proceed with the story! Please call me! smile

If you like, let's return to the main subject today.

This F-RIM order period is scheduled from April 22 to May 2.

Honestly, it is also true that there are many options to choose from rim hats, holes, patterns, etc.


Today, I'm thinking of introducing GORI's push -up order.

Nevertheless, I don't actually use it, but I order F-RIM for the first time in this order, so I'd be happy if I thought I ordered this when I ordered it. is!

I would be glad if you could order based on my concept! smile

Let's go immediately.

BROTURES F-RIM 45mm 32H ¥ 52,800-Tax included

* The photo is not a 45mm height one.

The left side is 45mm height and the right side is a 30mm height F-RIM!

What I am thinking about order during this order is 45mm height and 32H F-RIM.

First of all, the idea of ​​rim hats.

Currently, there is a big opportunity that I wanted to change to 45mm height because I have SHRED88 back and forth.

It was a strong wind damage by SHRED88 when I participated in SFIDARE CRIT held in Gifu Prefecture on April 8.

This was a very shocking ...

In participating in the race with no brakes, it is very important to defeat the body when turning the cornering and enter the corner, but if the rim hat is as high as SHRED88, it will be lifted even if the body is defeated due to a strong wind. Well ...

Moreover, a double punch that is difficult to proceed due to the wind.

In fact, looking back on the race with a picture, the surroundings are full of thin rim wheels ...

I was the only one who challenged with such an explosive rim hat. smile

Of course, in terms of street riding specifications, the rigidity is stronger because the rigidity is thick and the stable driving performance is exhibited, so it is recommended, but it is not honestly suitable for outdoor racing.

I am sorry that I will lose this appearance just because I like the looks of SHRED88, but I decided to make a 45mm height F-RIM order this time to win in the race!

If the rim hat is too high, it is recommended during the order period during the order period, even if it is a carbon, even if it is a carbon, it will weigh.

* This rim hat is recommended!

Next, regarding the number of holes.

The number of holes I want this time is 32H.

The number of holes 32h is a normal hole.

The HUBs that are always available at the store have a lot of 32H.

This means that there are many repertoire of HUB itself, and it has the advantage of being able to set up HUB that you are worried about.

The story will return to the story of the rim hats earlier, but if you are conscious of participating in the race to 45mm height, I think that the choice of Front 20h and Rear 24h will be the best because we are conscious of lighter weight.

If you choose the number of holes in consideration of the weight reduction of the body, the HUB option itself will be reduced, but the number of holes on Front 20h and Rear 24h is recommended.

I returned the story again, so why did you set it to 32H this time?

To be honest, it's because the Hub you want to use is already decided. smile

The real idea of ​​this F-RIM is that I really want to create it for racing, and it was Dura-Ace's Hub that I decided to use accordingly!

In consideration of the rotation performance and price, this time we decided on this Dura-Ace Hub.

DURA-ACE's Hub is a royal road on the royal road, so many people know.

However, it is also true that there are few people who have been used recently.

MACK, PHIL WOOD, and recently DIGIRIT Hub realizes rotation performance that turns through and has a durability that is indispensable to the street scene where we are active may be one factor that keeps Dura-Ace away. not.

In addition, there are plenty of beautiful colors by alumite painting, so it is easy to use for the accent of the body.

The recent HUB situation is a gold stick like a demon.

Based on that point, Dura-Ace's Hub is actually a messy horse. smile

All of the Hubs introduced earlier are shield bearings, but Dura-Ace is a cup-and-corn type HUB.

By doing so, regular maintenance is required in order to use in thorough state.

However, when the ball hit is perfectly adjusted, the rotation performance creates a finest ride.

It's a Menhera Hub Hub Hub Dura-ACE, which is a little difficult to get in a mood if you lose your mood. ? smile

With such a thought, this time I chose DURA-ACE's Hub!

By the way, if you form a GORI's ideal F-RIM, it is ¥ 83,326-tax included on one side.

In terms of price, one bottle costs nearly 100,000 yen, but I think that if you think about the ideal of the wheels according to the purpose of use, and assemble it, it will be terrible.

If you are still wondering if you want to order, I would like you to come to the store once and talk about F-RIM!

By the way, you can order hand -set wheels from online sites, so if you are far away, please check it out too!

Online orderHerefrom.

Then we are waiting for your order! By Yuma & Gori

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