My recommended part! !

Hello, this is Ishida.

The temperature has gradually risen, and the day of bicycles has increased.

I think many people will start a new life next month. I think many people who start a new life, and many people are thinking about customs of heart -to -minded cars.

So, this time, I will introduce my recommended parts!



The recommended part is F carbon rim. The F rim is an original carbon rim designed for the street. It seems to be BROTURES designed for the street. You can customize it as a dress -up, and you can customize the body upgrade, so it will surely be light in any case!

The specifications can be selected for clinchers, international nipples, carbon patterns (3K, UD, marble), and rim hats in 2 mm units. The spoke and hubs can be customized as you like because it will be sold by rim alone. I personally like it because the custom feeling is stronger when I put a color hub.

If the height is low, I think it will give a refreshing impression. If you match it with a slender chromoly frame, it will give you a well -balanced impression, and the aerel frame like 735 will create a moderate contrast.

I want to recommend it to users who want to make the rowing lighter or want to improve the driving performance!

If you increase the rim hat, the body will make the body even more impactful. I want you to get out. 55mm is recommended, including riding taste while running.

The photo above is my body. Completed like this! Please refer to it, so if you want to ride it because it is in the store!

At the order meeting, you can order with your favorite specifications. You can order in detail, such as rim hats, carbon patterns, wheels, spokes, etc. If you want an F rim, but you don't know the details, please consult the staff! If you can tell me what style you want to ride, we will propose it with the specifications that match the customer. If you are far away, contact us from the custom wheel order form and the staff will propose a dedicated wheel that suits you.

We plan to start orders in the spring, so if you are worried, please check your blog and SNS so that you do not miss this opportunity!

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