We have been holding Mate X Order Associa...

Mate X and Mate City events that started today.

For Fat Tires, 3 colors can now be ordered.

Please hurry because it may be the last chance to get it within the year.

For Mate City, we are waiting for a test ride and preparing a car body that can be sold immediately.

This blog is a review of the content.

(1) You can get Mate X 250!?

Mate X, which was not allowed to make a reservation for a long time.

It is a rare motorcycle that is very difficult to obtain now, but this time it is possible to purchase for three colors only.

The development is as follows. You can also order by phone, email, and DM of each SNS, so please feel free to contact us.

Mate X 250 Dusty Army

Purchase by phone

Purchase by email

Mate X 250 Jet Grey

Purchase by phone

Purchase by email

Mate X 250 Intersteller

Purchase by phone

Purchase by email

The above colors are now available.

In particular, Dusty Army and Jet Gray are more popular colors.

Please hurry because the speed of selling out is very fast.

② Mate City Pop UP also offers a body that can be returned on the day.

One of the points to be purchased with this POP UP "Immediate delivery"

Immediate delivery is the body that you can get home on the day you buy it after purchase.

Normally, it will take 1-2 weeks after ordering, but you can get on it immediately.

Mate City True Blue

Purchase by phone

Purchase by email

Mate City Shocking Pink

Purchase by phone

Purchase by email

I want it now! I want to ride this weekend!

Those who make such a plan. It's a chance.

③ Try the Mate X and Mate City as much as you want.

"Mate seems to be amazing. You often see it in the city."

Even if the topic came ahead, Seeing was just believing. By all means, the charm that you want to experience yourself is packed in Mate.

With the dynamic power, riding in Tokyo, which has intense undulations, is easy.

If you charge once, you can cruise up to 100km.

You can fold it in a car and go to leisure because it can be folded.

Just a run and defense. I think that it is a brand that reigns in the current stage of the E-Bike market with three beats.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy the test drive with your companion.

Then we look forward to your visit!



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