There is a Cambium test saddle!

To buy a niece's birthday present
I went to Yodobashi's toy corner
The current toys have evolved seriously and it's hard.

Please buy Nano Block Himeji Castle Special Deluxe Edition for me.
Hello, this is Miya.

By the way, interesting things have recently arrived at Kichijoji store.


"Test saddle" is often prepared by saddle makers.
It's like a "test ride", but while the test ride is an as limited trial,
This test saddle can be rented for several days to one week!

Especially about saddles
Because the filters for each rider seek for the ride are different
It is best to use it firmly, and you can convince and purchase.

Actually, I used it for about a week
I love this Cambium saddle.

For those who are still using a completed car saddle or are considering custom
Please take this opportunity to take advantage of the test saddle.

Here are the most recommended products among such a BROOKS saddle.


It is different from a lacy and sharp design that is common in other products,
A mild, yet solid presence shape.

Aluminum rivets that have been used for many years in the leather saddle series that represents BROOKS.
This is a more chic appearance with black anodized processing.

Furthermore, the top is a coated fiberglass fiber enhanced nylon,
As the name of All Weather, it has been updated to the whole weather type.

And I was the most surprised point in this rental
It is this Cambium unique cushioning.

According to the catalog

Professional natural rubber base created to support any terrain creates its own "hammock effect"
When you ride, it becomes natural, and the overall top cover becomes like a cushion, maximizing comfort.

There is.

This is personally like "trampoline".

Whether it's a hammock or a trampoline
In short, I think it's like the middle is floating.

This Cambium saddle is in that state.

Even if you look into it from the bottom and check it
You can see that the space (cavity) from this rail to the ceiling is considerably wider than other companies' products.

Instead of packing cushions and pads
The widespread cavity has been widened, and there is no other kind
It realizes a concretable ride.

You who have not yet met the ideal saddle.
Why don't you try this Cambium saddle?


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